What That Cup Of Joe Says About Your Guy

Sondra Powell.

Sondra Powell.
Photo By CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune

Sondra Powell knows coffee. Chances are if you frequent Red Hot Roasters, a drive-thru java cafe, she knows exactly what you drink, too.

“Lots of people get sentimental about their coffee and how someone they loved or miss took their coffee,” Sondra said. “I once read and agree, ‘Love is remembering how they take their coffee.’ This theory pretty much means I love everyone.”

We asked Sondra to share the love by deciphering what a man’s daily grind says about him.

Black Coffee

He’s solid, a man of few words, possibly badass and definitely not picky. He’s the Jordon Cantalono of coffee. I love you.

Drip Coffee With Cream And Sugar

This is usually a nice guy. He’s a dependable, no-fuss fella who knows what he wants.

Vanilla Latte

This dude is in touch with his feminine side. He’ll make a lovely friend.

Decaf Soy Latte

This man is probably a vegan, into clean living and yoga. He’ll be high maintenance, especially if you’re not that into Thom Yorke or Ashtanga – or you love cheese.

Skim Latte

Check out his ring finger. He’s probably married and his wife does the shopping.

Mocha With An Extra Shot Of Espresso

He’s a kid at heart but tough on the outside.

Double Shot Espresso

He’s not a self starter but he is a go-getter.


This dude is a wild card: He could be a workaholic or hungover.


This guy is a sophisticated dreamer, a possible romantic – or he actually wants a latte but is too afraid ordering one will mean he has to give up his man card.

Regular Latte

Lattes are like the comfort food of coffee. This man is looking for a safe bet.

Decaf Coffee

This man either has a medical condition or he’s old enough to no longer care whether he dozes off during the middle of the day.

Hot Chocolate

This one is going to be fun, just beware: he most likely has the mentality of a seven-year-old.

Frozen Coffee Drinks

A man who orders one of these is super happy fun! He will try anything once. But be warned: Expect a serious mood swing after the sugar crash.

Travel Mug

If he brings along his own travel mug, you’re in luck: This is a thoughtful man who cares about the environment. Either that or he’s cheap and knows some places give an extra 5 cents off for that type of thing.

One Response to “What That Cup Of Joe Says About Your Guy”

  1. Stephane Viau

    I grate nutmeg into the grounds before brewing a pot, and drink it black. What could that say about me?