Tattoos & Tiramisu

Volare Executive Chef Josh Moore.

Volare Executive Chef Josh Moore.

You don’t have to be a Food Network fan to see that cooking is an art enjoyed by the manliest of men. Just take a look at Josh Moore. Volare’s executive chef.

He can whip up a decadent order of tiramisu or a flourless chocolate torte.

He tends to a 10-acre working garden.

He has a heart for kids and has been the lead chef of the March of Dimes annual Signature Chef event since 2008.

And he has a serious set of guns (the muscle kind) and plenty of stellar ink.

There are plenty more reasons why we’ve pegged him one of our city’s manliest chefs. Here, he shares a few.

What’s the manliest dish you’ve ever eaten?
I ate a three pound porterhouse. That was a manly dish. Steak is always the way to go.

How did you feel after?

You have some pretty stellar ink.
My tattoos are by Jay Fish of Acme Ink. The chef ones mean the most. I got the four stars when we (Volare) got our first 4-star write up back in 2009. We chefs are artists with food and we’re all very passionate about life. (Tattoos) kind of fit in.

What’s the least manly thing about you?
I’m scared to death of bugs.

Even though you have a 10-acre farm that you tend to and use the produce in your restaurant?
Scared. To. Death. On one hand, I go to the gym five days a week. On the other hand, I exfoliate two times a day. I use Arbonne. And I’m afraid of bugs.

But you have tattoos.
I do have tattoos. (Smiles.)