Taste the Love

Kris and Adrienne Cole.

Husband and wife behind Marigold Catering Co. share their own happy ending


By Rachel Porter
Photos provided by Adrienne & Kris Cole


Why does food always taste better when there is love put into it? Maybe that is the key ingredient for why Marigold Catering Co. has been a success in Louisville. Adrienne and Kris Cole, the duo behind Marigold Catering Co., fell in love over cooking and delicious food. The couple have been married for over a year now, and we could not wait to hear how their love story began! But, before there was the business, there were just two humans who swept each other off their feet.

In 2015 their journey began as just two coworkers. “Kris and I both met at Mesh. He was the sous chef, and I was the house manager,” said Adrienne. “We respected one another so much in the professional aspect of the relationship that the personal relationship bloomed naturally.” In 2016, the two made it official and expressed they have been attached to the hip ever since.

On September 20, 2020, the Coles celebrated their love at the De Lis Farm. “It was super small and such a beautiful service,” said Kris. “There was literally only family and a couple of friends.” What made their wedding special was how representative it was of who they are. Everything from the food to the DJ. 

Kris and Adrienne both agreed the respect they have for each other is what not only keeps their business together but, most notably, their partnership. “Kris’s attention to detail and efficiency are so impressive to me. It’s the respect on a creative level that he gives right back to me,” said Adrienne. 

They also shared how the little, simple things help, too. Going on dates, making sure that you make time for each other and appreciating those moments with your significant other is what maintains that spark. “There’s an unspeakable quality that we have between us that neither one of us thought was possible; there’s that magical connection,” the two exclaimed. 

The Coles are a true testament to what real love is all about. When they are not working to provide some of the finest cuisines to the community, they spend time with each other and their family to ensure that they live their version of happily ever after.

Marigold Catering Co.
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