Submit To Sweet Surrender

By Kellie Denton
and Betsy Schneider
Contributing Writers

Valentine’s Day is not a day to watch your weight.  After all, nothing says love like chocolate and red velvet cake.

We kicked our diets to the curb for one night to do a bit of legwork for you – you’re welcome – and checked out Sweet Surrender Dessert Café in the Crescent Hill neighborhood.

Get ready to snuggle up with a decadent espresso drink and large piece of cake; one slice is plenty enough for two.  Between their award-winning carrot cake with caramel bourbon filling, the Kahlua tiramisu trifle and the seasonal “Manhattan” (chocolate cake layered and frosted with mandarin orange bourbon butter-cream that’s then drowned in chocolate ganache), there are enough choices to find a favorite.  We loved the sour cream pound cake layered with lemon filling so much that we were practically in tears.

Owner/manager Jessica Haskell is as sweet as her shop, and she insists that her bakery stay customer-friendly as well. That includes catering to extremely individualistic needs.  And, really,  who doesn’t consider cheesecake a necessity?

From recreating your personal family recipes to adhering to strict dietary guidelines, Haskell says that nothing surprises her – she’s baked it all.

One of her best recipes actually came from a customer. The salted caramel French macaroons are now so popular that there’s a waiting list for those who desire them, so get in line –   after us, of course.

If you’re looking for an original, inexpensive way to commemorate the annual day of love, celebrate with the  “Lover’s Gift Box,” a goodie box complete with heart-shaped mocha concords made with layers of baked meringue and chocolate ganache slathered with French butter-cream. If that’s not your style, fill the pretty container with your favorite treats from the bakery.

Since this is their 25th year in business, keep an eye out for 25-cent bakery items, as well as an original coffee blend that’s currently being created in-house.  Just make sure you don’t get in the way of marriage proposals, as this is a place that keeps Cupid’s arrows flying.

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