St. Michael’s Knows Fried Fish

The Fry Guys found the perfect spot to satisfy their fish hunger and quench the Fryday thirst. St. Michael’s in J-town has been around since the 1970s, but its school and facilities are relatively new and state-of-the-art.

St. Mike’s offers a large piece of crispy cod on your choice of bread for $5.00. The condiments table offers a variety of choices.
Fryars’ Score: 3.5

St. Michael’s has all the usual suspects with some unique items such as fried jalapenos, mozzarella sticks and rolled oysters.
Fryars’ Score: 4.5

St. Mike’s beer selection is top of the line. Thirsty patrons were happy to have the choice of draft domestics, including Sam Adams, as well as tall Sierra Nevada and Michelob Ultra. Soft drinks and iced tea are offered for just a buck.
Fryars’ Score: 4.5

St. Mike’s is a young, vibrant parish and its fry is a fun family atmosphere.
Fryars’ Score: 4.5

The line was long but the wait was short, thanks to the large number of folks volunteering their time to make things go smoothly. Plenty of places to sit and enjoy your dinner, and even room for the kiddos to wander.
Fryars’ Score: 4.5

The Fry Guys were impressed with the atmosphere, fried goodies, and cold beverages. What really stood out about this Fry was the spaciousness of the venue and the numerous volunteers.
Fryars’ Score: 4

Next week, the Fryars venture to St. Bernadette, located in St. Mary Academy Gym in Norton Commons, 11311 St. Mary Lane, Prospect, KY 40059.