Southern European Experience at La Chasse


Alex DuLaney and Issac Fox. (Photo by Dan Dry)

By Nicholas Moore

One of the best parts about dining out is  being able to escape life for a few hours and immerse yourself in an entirely different atmosphere, bask your senses in it, enjoy friendly people and company and, most of all, treat your palate with exquisite delights. If you’re in Louisville’s Highlands neighborhood and seeking to escape into the world of a Southern European inn, La Chasse provides the perfect opportunity to do all of these things and more.

The scent of its wood fire grill invites you in from the street. Its wood, brick and earth tone colors warm you inside. And its relaxed, approachable and friendly environment guide you to the table, where Chef Alex DuLaney may stop by himself to make sure you’re enjoying your experience. “We are all about hospitality here,” says owner Isaac Fox. “We are looking to offer a five-star quality of food, beverage and service but with the warmth and conviviality of a family dining room or rustic European inn.”

La Chasse in its name is French. However, this is not the white tablecloth, overtly formal, stuffy atmosphere one might expect when visualizing French dining. “After the recession of 2007 and 2008, there has been an increasing trend toward value, friendliness and comfort,” explains Fox. This is why La Chasse offers a Southern French and Spanish infusion menu, which has the singular ability to make you feel as if you have been invited into your best friend’s grandmother’s home in the south of France, and she is as good of a cook as she is a welcoming hostess.

The food at La Chasse is some of the best I have ever tasted. Never in my life have I experienced so many dishes in a dining experience that have so many different flavors dancing on my palate, each deliciously distinguishable but none overwhelming the other. The sweetbreads swirl in sautéed mushrooms and a garlic cream sauce accented with a sweet puff pastry, perfectly complemented by a veal thyme jus. All of these flavors are clearly present as you eat, taking you on a journey of respective tastes that fit unbelievably well together – and these are only the appetizers!

The red and gold beet salad is composed of oranges, basil and pistachios and pulled together with a mouthwatering herbed chardonnay creamy gastrique. The giant pan seared diver scallop is served over a lemon-parmesan risotto, which makes the sweetness of the scallop explode across your tongue. The dry rubbed ribeye is truly to-die-for, a must for any carnivorous visitor. The meat is amazing and perfectly cooked, and Chef DuLaney pairs it with black pepper, coriander and a sherry reduction that is absolutely exquisite. If you have never tried dry rubbed ribeye with a sweet sherry flavor, I suggest you give this a shot.

Tuesday through Thursday, La Chasse offers special soufflé desserts, chocolate coconut with vanilla bean crème anglaise and more. They also offer an intensive craft cocktail menu, featuring 40 seasonally changing cocktails. VT

For more information on La Chasse, visit lachasselouisville.com or call 502.822.3963.

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