Pigging Out at River Road

Take a right turn off Zorn Avenue when heading toward the Ohio River, and you’ll soon see River Road BBQ. In fact, you’re more likely to smell it first, as the smoke of burning cherry and hickory plumes through the air.

Barbecue is perhaps the most American of foods – a large slab of dead animal atop  burning wood. That’s about it. It’s carnal, rough, and when done right, can be utterly delicious. Barbecue is also one of those things that when done right – or, more accurately, done to each particular diner’s personal preference – can instill loyalty. Once you find your favorite joint, you go back for more and more. Here are the highlights.

If you like pulled pork, River Road BBQ is a phenomenal place to go and get it. It’s smoky, delicious, juicy and, between two slices of bread, it’s perfection. If you want to add the sweet barbecue sauce, it’s the one time it works. The sides of beans and potato salad were pretty tasty as well. The beans had a nice waxy texture, while the potato salad was chunky and creamy in equal measure. On the whole a success.

River Road BBQ is popular; there’s no doubting that. It’s full of people most nearly every time one drives by. Many people love River Road BBQ.  It’s also going to fill you up. Portions are generous and prices reasonable. But sometimes that’s just not enough, when you’re looking for a piece of meat that’s been smoked just the “right” way. VT

River Road BBQ is located at 3017 River Road, Louisville. For more information visit www.facebook.com/riverroadbbq or call 502.592.7065.