Not Like Any Other Place

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There is something eternally comforting about sandwich shops and delis that other types of eateries struggle to offer. If going out on your lunch break for a snack is a daily ritual, then what’s could be better than stopping by a local institution where the staff likely know what you’d like before you’ve even stepped through the door? What beats seeing your sandwich made right in front of you by friendly staff, enjoying that same delicious food and all for exceedingly good prices? Well, Another Place Sandwich Shop in the heart of downtown offers all of that and more.

The Sub (ham, salami and swiss).

The Sub (ham, salami and swiss).

Open for the past forty years, Another Place Sandwich Shop is a longtime favorite amongst downtown office workers. Situated on Seventh Street between West Main Street and Market Street, the interior is reminiscent of a New York deli, with exposed brick and small cozy booths filled with daily regulars. A counter lines the long interior with a giant chalkboard listing everything on offer. All in all, it’s homey and welcoming.

One thing this establishment is famous for is its hot sandwiches – especially the reuben. So, logically, it was our first port of call. The reuben consists of a thick covering of corned beef, melted swiss cheese and house-made sauerkraut. The portion is more than capable of filling you up, and when accompanied by thousand island dressing, the whole concoction – which is served on soft rye bread – is unbeatable.

But if corned beef is not your favorite, then why not go for a hot sausage – a bun with a smoked Polish sausage, sauerkraut, relish and caramelized onions. Another succulent and savory option that evokes the feel of an east coast deli.

Another Place Sandwich Shop is well-stocked with a variety of salad options, cold sandwich options, as well as homemade soups, which are especially prudent given that the cold weather is truly setting in now.

The key to the location’s success is its proximity to a multitude of local businesses, while itself remaining staunchly independent and unique amidst a sea of chains and franchises.

Because we wanted to add some greens to the meal, we ordered a medium salad that came with the option of one meat and one cheese. Topped with salami and cheddar cheese and exceedingly fresh romaine and iceberg lettuce, with honey mustard dressing on the side, it was a tasty and substantial portion that oozed freshness.

Rueben with a side of German potato salad.

Rueben with a side of German potato salad.

Amongst the other side dishes we sampled were the coleslaw and the German potato salad. Both are made in store daily and both use the freshest ingredients – the coleslaw exceedingly crisp to the bite, while the potato salad was soft and filling, with added vinegar providing much needed acidity to cut through the starch.

To finish off, we feasted on a nut covered brownie – again something that was made in-house and yet another delicious selection. Creamy, soft and rich – perfect.

For those who want a taste of history all while supporting a local four-decade long institution, look no further than Another Place Sandwich Shop – not just any old place.

Another Place Sandwich Shop is situated on 119 S 7th St and is open Mon-Fri, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. and Saturday, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., and closed on Sundays. For more information call 502.589.4115.

Photos by CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune