Manly Cocktails At St. Charles Exchange

Photo By CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune

Chris George is a master when it comes to mixing up drinks of all manner, but the St. Charles Exchange bartender is exceptional at recommending manly drinks.

We asked Chris to share a few of his favorites and he was kind – another manly trait we adore – enough to share the recipes, too.

What is your favorite cocktail served at St. Charles Exchange?
My favorite drink on the menu is the Cowboy Killer. The guy who invented it smoked two packs of Marlboro Reds a day and created it because he was trying to quit. … There’s a lot of complexity to it.

What’s your favorite cocktail, period?
Just a really, really well made mint julep.

You are a University of Kentucky graduate with degrees in economics, finance and Japanese. How did you become a bartender at the city’s newest hotspot?
This fell into my lap and I love it. … Not only do I get to make really great drinks, but I also provide really great service and a great experience. I want (guests) to leave with something they didn’t have when they walked in the door. There’s a lot of prep we do here (like hand-cutting our ice), and it does take a lot of time. but I really love that interaction. Every time I get behind the bar, it’s a passion.

What do you do in your free time?
I like reading, going to the movies, going to the gym. I mostly do cardio and plyometric work. I just want to make sure I’m quick and powerful.

Cowboy Killer

Bartender Chris George convinced us to take a sip of the Cowboy Killer. At least one of us is convinced she sprouted a hair on her chest. There is absolutely a hint of Marlboro Reds to the beverage, but not in a bad way. We get why this is considered a manly drink. It’ll take a real one to finish this one solo.

The Old Fashioned

The most popular drink on the menu at St. Charles Exchange is the Old Fashioned – and for good reason.   It’s perfectly made, chilled by a hand-carved “rock” of ice and, like our bartender said, “It just looks really cool.”

FVK Swizzle

We were a bit surprised when Chris George chose the FVK Swizzle as a manly drink. Then we stopped talking and sipped. It’s an approachable cocktail and so darn good we ordered another. “You can sit outside and sip these all day long,” Chris said. “I wouldn’t mind it.” Neither would we. By the way, the FVK in FVK Swizzle stands for “fearless vampire killer.” Man up and order one of these. We promise you won’t regret it.

St. Charles Exchange
113 S. Seventh St.

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