Frozen Fun for Everyone

Story by Mariah Kline

Photo by Bill Wine

An idea that started with one frozen drink machine has made Michelle Edrington’s Frozen De’Lites an in-demand institution. Since 2005, her business has served delightful drinks at parties and events around Louisville. In recent years, she’s added bartending services as well as sales and rentals to the agenda. Her machines have become a mainstay for anyone hosting a get-together large or small, whether for kids or adults.

Edrington’s 20 machines are available to rent for wedding receptions, corporate events, fundraisers, kids’ parties and more. While event bartenders are not necessarily difficult to come by, Frozen De’Lites is set apart by both the breadth of their services and their years of experience.

“You are hiring people that are mature and that won’t take advantage of you,” she says of her staff. “In the wedding and bartending industry, you can really get messed over by hiring someone who doesn’t have a reputation in this business. Most of the wedding vendors know each other and will refer each other back and forth. But if you hire someone who doesn’t have experience or the liquor liability insurance, you can find yourself in a lot of trouble. I think it’s the experience, service and mature attitude that make the difference.”

Though she mostly works solo, Edrington uses contracted staff members to help with deliveries and bartending.

“I have a great boyfriend that helps a lot, too,” she says. “I also do equipment repair; I have a guy that fixes the machines. If a bar or restaurant is looking for a machine, I can sell them one. I just sold to Tito’s for Mercury Ballroom. I have a machine at Chill Bar, and I have a machine in a Mexican restaurant that leases from me. I just leased a summer rental to Oxmoor Country Club. It’s a lot more than just the rentals; it truly has evolved with leasing and selling. We are a whole beverage company, but we just specialize in frozen beverages.”

The most popular drinks she offers are bourbon slushies, which she says she’s serving even more than margaritas. More than 25 flavors are available to choose from, but she can also make custom blends – transforming most any kind of drink into a frozen treat.

Frozen De’Lites typically has between 15 and 20 rentals on the weekends, and Edrington hopes to begin booking more weekday rentals. When she has the chance to add to her staff to help with day-to-day operations, Edrington sees no limit to the growth of her company.

“I look forward to expanding when I’m able to,” she says. “I can take over the world, one frozen drink at a time.” VT

Frozen De’Lites