Friendliness Reigns At Good Shepherd

The Fish Fry Guys

The second week of the 2013 Fish Fry Challenge is in the books, and the Fryars are 2 for 2. Last Friday we visited Good Shepherd, formerly known as Our Lady before its merger with St. Cecilia and St. Anthony, and one of the most historic parishes in Louisville. Located on Rudd Avenue in Portland, it’s one of the last remaining Catholic parishes in this friendly, celebrated neighborhood.

We could go on for pages about the development of this beautiful church, and if you’re fortunate enough to visit, the proud parishioners are more than willing to tell you all you’d want to know about the rich history. But the powers that be restrict us to discuss areas in our expertise only, so on to food and beer!

Fish: Good Shepherd’s sandwich comes with two filets of fried cod on your choice of bread, and at $7 a dinner you leave with both a full wallet and stomach. The tartar sauce was plentiful – each table had its own tub –which is crucial because the Fryars wanted extra.
Fryars’ Score: 3.5 Fish

Sides/Desserts: There wasn’t a Fryar to be found that didn’t compliment the onion rings. But if you want the mac ‘n cheese or green beans, come before the dinner rush, because they go fast. And while Fryars enjoy their desserts, winning a box of cupcakes at the Good Shepherd cake booth is much more fun than just ordering sweets at dinner. (Don’t gamble? Good Shepherd sells desserts, too.) The best rolled oyster in town.
Fryars’ Score: 3 Fish

Beverages: $2 can beer was ice cold, and Good Shepherd had a nice, easily-accessible iced tea/water station for the junior Fryars. The volunteers serving the beer are extremely friendly (as one might expect).
Fryars’ Score: 4 Fish

Friendliness: The Good Shepherd volunteers extend such a warm, gracious greeting, you’ll find yourself not wanting to leave. The pride and passion they have for the church, its history, and their Fish Fry is evident, and impressive. Extra points for the cooks’ “Fish Fry Guys!” chants that echoed through the kitchen as the Fryars made their exit.
Fryars’ Score: 5 Fish

Venue: The Fry is hosted in the spacious Lehmann Hall next door to the church, and even with plentiful seating, Good Shepherd had a full house. With its cafeteria-style service, this Fry embodies everything a Fish Fry is supposed to look like.
Fryars’ Score:  4 Fish

Overall: It’s no wonder not only neighbors but folks from all over the city – including what looked like most of the Louisville Fire Dept. – spend their Friday nights at Good Shepherd during Fry season. With great food and friendly folks, the atmosphere is everything and more the Fryars love about a Fish Fry.
Fryars Score: 4.5 Fish

Scores Based On A Five-Fish Rating System

Next week, the Fryars will venture to St. Margaret Mary, 7813 Shelbyville Road.