Flat 12: Where The Beer Really Works

TVT_3666Louisville is quickly becoming more and more beer-centric, with more award-winning beers being produced every day. The Louisville food and drink culture has undoubtedly been enriched by these establishments with their fine combination of tremendous food, excellent service and exquisite beer. Now, a quick trip across the river yields another deliciously unique brewpub.

That brings us to Flat12 Bierwerks, which is one of the best breweries in Kentuckiana. Founded in 2010 in Indianapolis, Flat12 opened its Jeffersonville location last November, satisfying the host of people who were craving their brews closer to Kentucky.   

TVT_3651“We make approachable beers for the consumer,” explains Market Manager Mike Nolen. “We make beer for the beer geeks too, and at least one of our beers is going to appeal to somebody. Some breweries only cater to the beer geeks with really big hops. But we have plenty of light beer too.”

In terms of food, Flat12 serves, well, flatbreads. Though it is an obvious culinary pun, it also entails a lot of delicious flatbread style pizzas. Each one is substantial in size, perfect for sharing and truly delectable. The pesto, mozzarella and balsamic flatbread was divine. A little tart and very cheesy, the dish was quite filling and a perfect accompaniment to virtually any beer on offer at the brewery. Another flatbread consisted of  smoked pork, sausage and red onion. The highlight though was the pretzel and beer cheese. The reason? The beer cheese is made in-house using beer straight from the brewery. It has a wonderful creamy and savory profile which, when combined with the a dry beer like a pilsner, is simply unparalleled.

For those who want to sample the brewery on a lazy Sunday, there’s that option as well. Flat12 offers a special brunch, which consists of their regular menu in addition to a brunch flatbread and live acoustic music from local musicians. And with $2 discounts on 64 ounce growlers on Wednesdays, it’s hard to match the quality in such quantity.

TVT_3673Another major attraction of Flat12 Bierwerks is the entertainment options that surround it’s bustling location – the biggest being Jeffersonville’s RiverStage, an arts venue in the form of a floating barge. Flat12 often sets up a beer tent at RiverStage events, but because the brewery overlooks the stage, you can enjoy all Flat12 has to offer while taking in some live entertainment from the comfort of your table.

TVT_3629But there’s more excitement to be had: According to tap-room manager Paige Peterson, July 25 will see Flat12 host their Christmas in July event to celebrate the biannual release of their Pinko! Stout. Santa will be in attendance, and Christmas style flatbreads will be served. So whether it’s now or actual Christmas, Flat12 is a must-visit gem of Jeffersonville.

“We really have something for everyone,” concludes Peterson. “We have everything from day drinking beers to the Imperial stouts that are 16 percent and will knock your socks off.” VT

Flat 12 Bierwerks is located at 130 W. Riverside Drive, Jeffersonville, Indiana. For more information visit flat12.me or call 812. 590.3219. Flat12 Bierwerks is open Wednesday-Sunday.