Comfy Cow Launches Derby Flavors

The Comfy Cow recently released its Derby flavor lineup of special in-house made ice creams on April 21 with the kick-off of Thunder. This year’s special offerings include:

1. The Rose Won

Rich sweet rose flavored ice cream with layers of a strawberry cardamom swirl. A win, win.

2. Two-Minute Mango

For our sorbet lovers. Tart and sweet with a rich velvety flavor, this simple mango sorbet has a creamy texture verging on ice cream.

3. Pharaoh’s Fave

A special blend of nutmeg, clove and cinnamon-spiced carrot cake ice cream with freshly roasted pecans and decadent cheesecake pieces. A Triple threat!

4. Fillies & Lilies

Our delicious vanilla ice cream with layers of cashews, chocolate flakes and a blanket of pomegranate swirl. Sure to become a tradition.

Content provided by the Comfy Cow.