Tangled Mess to Coiffed Best

Mandy Vine, the face behind Drybar Louisville, shares how she and her staff successfully ensure daily confidence in their clients


By Rachel Porter
Photos provided by Drybar


Nothing is better as a woman than knowing how great your hair looks after a hair blowout. That’s why the city is lucky to have a place like Drybar Louisville and, most importantly, the face behind it, Mandy Vine. Drybar is a one-stop shop for the perfect blowout and pampering experience. We couldn’t help but chat with Mandy to learn more about how she’s conquering the hair styling scene throughout the midwest and southeast region. 

How were you introduced to Drybar?

I was born with curly, coarse hair and always enjoyed it when someone else would tackle my difficult hair. I became a Drybar loyalist way before I became a Drybar Franchise Operator. I loved everything about the brand, and it was amazing how much better I felt after having a Drybar blowout. The more Drybar’s around the county I visited, the more I thought this would be perfect for my hometown.

How was the process of opening a successful franchise as a woman? 

Drybar Louisville was started in 2016 by three local women: myself, McCall Brown and Lisa Causarano. I am the operating partner, the one who runs the shop day to day. We did not have any issues in the process of opening our shop. I live in a Drybar world that is buttercup yellow with shades of black, white, gray and denim (uniform colors). We get to work in the most beautiful salon, listen to the best music and watch chick flicks all day long. I surround myself with the best staff out there. They are positive, independent and creative. Opening Drybar has been the hardest thing I have ever done, but it is the most rewarding.  

Due to our massive success in Louisville, we were awarded other markets to develop. We have developed two shops in Indianapolis, two in Nashville, TN, one in the Gulch at Capital View and one in Brentwood. Finally, we also have a shop in Lexington. We have great partners and operating partners in our other markets.

What does your daily routine consist of? 

I used to spend every waking hour at the shop. Nowadays, you can find me working in the VIP room during the week or manning the front desk, meeting and greeting the clients and chatting with whoever will listen to me; I love to chat! My routine has changed so much over the years because of our amazing leadership team. 

What are some of your tricks and tips for being a successful businesswoman? 

While Drybar is a national brand, I treat Drybar Louisville as a small business, which helps us to retain our top-notch staff. I believe in growing our team and creating opportunities from within our Drybar for advancement. The perfect example is our manager, who has been with us from the beginning. She has grown from a stylist to a shop educator to her current manager position. 

How does Drybar uplift other women in and out of business?

At Drybar, we do one thing well, and that is blowouts. We create confidence and happiness for all women, one blowout at a time. Whether you have an early business meeting and want a fresh blowout beforehand, or you are going to a wedding, concert or for no reason at all, the change in a woman before she arrives and when she leaves is huge. All of this is created with a blowdryer and a brush!

4904 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, KY 40207