St. Francis School’s (re)Imagine! Auction & Fundraiser

Photos by Kathryn Harrington and Andrea Hutchinson

n Oct. 10, St. Francis held its annual (re)Imagine! Art Auction and Scholarship Fundraiser virtually that was hosted by Kevin Harned and live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube. Several St. Francis families and supporters hosted small gatherings in their homes to both support the auction and tune-in to the live event.

  • Head of School Alexandra Thurstone and Cheri Collis White.

  • Head of School Alexandra and Andy Thurstone with Mochi and Thor.

  • Greg Brown and Bill Schreiber.

  • Sandy Schreiber and Scott Rogers.

  • Cheri Collis White and Elizabeth Zimmerman.

  • Cheri Collis White and Elizabeth Zimmerman.

  • Mark and Emily Kirchdorfer.

  • Kirk and Alissa Shoemaker.

  • Sam Julian and Kandi Walker.

  • Patrick Piuma and Christine Brinkmann.

  • Patrick Piuma and Christine Brinkmann, Emily and Mark Kirchdorfer, Kirk and Alissa Shoemaker with Kandi Walker and Sam Julian.

  • Christine Brinkmann and Patrick Piuma.

  • David and Laura Lincous hosting Jason and Jaime Bronfman.

  • Hosts David and Laura Lincous with Jason and Jaime Bronfman.

  • Lee and Chad Middendorf hosting one of St. Francis' (re)Imagine Art Auction virtual dinners.

  • Ursula and Nick Melhuish.

  • Nick and Ursula Melhuish, Maria and Dr. Mike Doyle, Chad Middendorf, Weasy MacLean and Lee Middendorf.

  • Maria and Dr. Mike Doyle.

  • Sean and Susan Maguire.

  • Susan and Sean Maguire, Nick and Ursula Melhuish, Chad and Lee Middendorf, Weasy MacLean and Dr. Mike and Maria Doyle.