Two Hotels, One Majestic Bridal Event

On Friday, Jan. 23 The Brown Hotel and the Seelbach Hotel – two of Louisville’s most distinguished landmarks will partner to host the city’s most anticipated annual bridal event. It’s a chance to showcase the elegance of both venues as well as the best of Louisville’s elite wedding professionals. This is the second year that the two hotels have teamed up. To learn more about the event we caught up with Mackenzie Thompson, executive assistant to the general manager at The Brown Hotel to hear about this year’s event.

What was the inspiration behind co-hosting the event?
Well, we’ve done the event for a number of years by ourselves, working with Shafox, who are great wedding planners, but we just thought it would be fun and different to co-host something. Both the Brown and the Seelbach are beautiful hotels, down the street from each other and it’s a great chance to show off more vendors to the brides. It made sense. Last year was the first time we did it and it got a great response.

Majestic Ad reducedIt’s free for brides, correct?
Yes, it’s free for brides and it’s $15 for guests, which is still a great value because our chef is preparing some amazing food. Also, there will be hors d’oeuvres, specialty, cocktails and music, as well as wedding cake. It should be a really fun night.

The fact that the event is now being co-hosted each year must be a testament to how popular the event is.
Absolutely, it seems like it’s grown. We just thought, why not mix it up? We did it one way for a number of years and got great press. But there are lots of great wedding shows in town and we want to be the best one. We have the same feel as hotels and it made sense to show ourselves off.

Plus it’s a great way to show people what amazing venues both hotels are for weddings themselves.
Exactly. The Crystal Ballroom speaks for itself here at the Brown, and the Medallion Ballroom at the Seelbach is wonderful, too. What’s also exciting is how we’ve had a lot of less traditional weddings, and sequins, and florals here with more modern feels. The ballrooms are very adaptable and you’re going to see a lot of vendors here that can offer that.

Complimentary valet parking will be offered at both locations and guests will be shuttled between the two hotels. This premiere bridal show offers the complete experience of a lavish reception in the Brown Hotel’s renowned Crystal Ballroom or Seelbach’s Medallion Ballroom, designed to reflect the latest trends in wedding fashion and décor. Admission is free for brides. Guests are invited to join for $15 per person. The event at both hotels runs 6-9 p.m. Pre-registration is greatly appreciated at www.shafox.com. For more information, call 502.736.2987. VT