Terry Roy, Quotable Character

The early morning grind is far from motivating to most people. That is, unless you receive an email from Terry Roy, president of Pavco Trucking and creator of “T’s Thought of the Day.”

Drawing on the inspiration of legendary coach John Wooden and other notable luminaries, each morning, Terry sends a motivating quote or two via email to a growing list of people who love his succinct, simple ways to jumpstart the day.

The Voice-Tribune caught up with Terry to learn about his daily message of insight and encouragement and what sparked the idea behind “T’s Thought of the Day.”

Why did you start T’s Thought of the Day?
I had a friend of mine who used to send out quotes of the day, so I just picked up and ran with it because I always enjoyed them. I’m a big admirer of John Wooden. I’ve read a lot of John Wooden and Max Lucado books … that’s how I picked up on it and just hope it touches someone’s life.

When did you send your first Thought of the Day?
Probably three years ago.

Have you ever missed a day in three years?
When I travel I can’t do it. I’ve probably missed 10 or 15 days.

Have you ever repeated a quote in the three years you’ve been sending them?
If I repeated a quote it’s because something in my life touched on it (and I wanted) to repeat it.

Who do you send your Thought of the Day to?
A lot of friends and I’ve met new people along the way. I’ve been pretty fortunate with my job. I get to meet a lot of nice people. We’ll get to talking about it and I’ll ask if they want me to start sending it to them.

What kind of feedback do you get?
I get actually quite a bit. And if I miss (a day), someone will say ‘I guess you’re out of town.’ My old basketball coach will usually reply back and send me some (quotes) too.

When do you send your thought of the day?
I try to do it in the mornings, but it gets kind of hectic. Sometimes in the early afternoons. Ninety percent of the time it’s when I first get in to work.

Beside books, do you have any other sources for quotes?
My son plays football and my other son plays baseball. Sometimes during the season I’ll (go online) just to find some good football quotes.

Do you have a favorite quote?
That’s hard. I guess I would take one out of John Wooden. “Make every day your masterpiece.”

I’m guessing John Wooden is your favorite person to quote. Am I right?
By far. He’s not only a great coach, but a great man.