Sarah Provancher: The Path To Public Relations

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Sarah Provancher makes a living helping spread the word about other people and businesses’ successes. But, the owner of Pro Communications has quite the resume, herself, with a diverse background you may not expect from a public relations specialist.

A native of Orlando, Fla., Provancher grew up with a mother who taught music and a dad who has worked the last 30 years as the head of music at Disney World. The family environment inspired her to major in percussion at Rollins College in an effort to pursue her dream, at the time –  becoming a professional marimba player.

Though she envisioned touring with orchestras as a classical musician, Provancher realized halfway through college her ideal career was a bit of a long shot. Thus, her minor in business began to come into play. The day after she graduated from Rollins, Provancher flew off to work in New York City, where she met her now ex-husband, whom she moved with to Rockford, Ill., and eventually her home in Louisville.

Once she landed in the River City, Provancher dabbled in public relations and marketing, leading her in 2004 to create PR company Pro Communications. “When I came here, I ended up just taking on some part-time marketing and public relations clients, kind of on a whim,” she said. Provancher’s first client was Vincenzo’s Italian Restaurant, which has maintained a relationship with Provancher ever since, as have many of her inaugural clients.

“(My clients are) in the health care (and) the beverage industry, the restaurant industry, the service industry (and technology industry), so I kind of work across the board with PR clients of all different types,” Provancher said. “It’s really fun, and I love PR because it’s an opportunity to work with the media, and I’ve always been fascinated with the media. I’m a Fox News and a CNN junkie. So I just love news, something new every day, and so when I can help my clients make news and be in the news for good and positive things that they’re doing, I really enjoy it.”

Considering her unique background and passion for learning, public relations became a perfect fit for Provancher, who is a frequent traveler and recently took up a new hobby in farming. “I feel like I’ve become a true Kentucky girl now (that I have a farm),” smiled Provancher, who four years ago bought 17 acres of farmland in Henry County. “There’s a little house with three bedrooms. Nothing fancy, but it has a beautiful deck, and so I can sit out there and enjoy my coffee in the morning and wine at night and look out on the sunsets and the fields, and that is my favorite place in the world,” she said. “I’ve been all over the world now, fortunately, and that’s my favorite place is right there sitting on the porch at my farm.”

In the summer, Provancher will visit the farm almost every weekend to cut the grass and keep the farm in top condition. In the past, she’s grown tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and other edibles as part of her interest in healthier, greener living. “My ultimate goal is to have goats and chickens,” she revealed, in addition to a desire to sell her own brand of produce. “The other thing with owning a farm, I’ve become very interested in healthy living, healthy eating, living off the land. I’m a big Wendell Berry fan and just really enjoy his philosophy of taking care of the land.”

As if her plate weren’t already full, Provancher has a penchant for politics and ran for Metro Council last year. She also does volunteer work around town, and is on the board of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).

Her path to public relations has been far from straight and narrow, but it’s the eclectic experiences along the way that make her a unique asset in the industry. “I love reading, and so I probably have a book that comes from Amazon.com at least once a week because I just enjoy reading about history, I enjoy reading about the business I’m in, I enjoy reading about farming, so it’s a constant learning about different things,” said Provancher. “So I’m not sure I could ever do one thing. And I think it’d be very hard for me to focus on just one industry day in, day out. So for that reason, I know I’m in the perfect field for what my interests are. And I just love meeting and talking to people, and that’s a lot of what PR is as well.”

For more information on Pro Communications, visit www.prprocom.com.

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