Merv Huber

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Merv Huber

Merv Huber

Next week in Denver, 58-year-old Louisvillian Merv Huber Sr. will represent the United States as he competes for the title at the World Masters Bench Press Championships.

Not only is Huber the only U.S. representative in his category, he has held the national title in his age and weight class for the last three years running. He also holds some impressive records in his weight division: the Kentucky State Record as well as the USA Powerlifting National Record, setting the bar at a whopping 270 pounds. The Voice-Tribune got the chance to catch up with this real-life strongman to learn a little more about what weight lifting means to him.

How long have you been lifting weights?
Off and on for my entire life, but I’ve been doing it really hard for the past twelve years or so.

What made you get into the sport, and why have you stayed with it for so long?
Well for one thing I’m getting up in age and it keeps me young. After I started really getting back into it I went to the doctor, and he told me I must be the healthiest 58-year-old he’s ever seen! And I truly enjoy lifting weights; it’s something I really love to do.

Where do you train for competitions? Do you have a trainer?
I have no trainer, and I have a weight room in my basement where I religiously train three nights a week. But I never think, “I have to work out tonight.” It’s always “I want to,” or “I get to go downstairs and work out.”

What’s the most you’ve ever lifted?
Well in my weight division, which is 145 (pounds), my best competitive lift for bench press was 300 pounds. That day I had already done 270, and then 280, and I was going to go for 290 when one of the coaches said “Why not try 300?” I only did it that one time.

How do you spend your time when you’re not training or competing?
I work with Sam Kinnaird’s Flooring for a living. As far as hobbies, to relax at night I like to play the piano. It eases the mind.