Louisville Orchestra: Music Without Borders

Michelle Winters.

Michelle Winters.

Music Without Borders is a group of single ticket concert events  performed by the Louisville Orchestra and held at a variety of venues around the city of Louisville. The Voice-Tribune sat down with Louisville Orchestra’s Director of Marketing, Michelle Winters to hear more about the event.

VOICE-TRIBUNE: What was the inspiration behind the series of events?  
MICHELLE WINTERS: At the heart of everything we do at the Louisville Orchestra, is our desire to share the joy of orchestral music with our community. Over the years, the Orchestra has performed in locations around the city and this is our effort to really expand that outreach with a plan to build deeper relationships within the neighborhoods. We’re not “just visiting” from our usual performance space downtown. This is just the start of our efforts to celebrate our neighborhoods and our community.

V-T: What’s the reception been like, ever since the series of concerts was announced?
WINTERS: The first indication that a regular series of neighborhood concerts was a welcomed idea was the enthusiastic response from LG&E to sign on as the lead sponsor. We are so grateful that they made this possible. Calling this the “LG&E’s Music Without Borders” Series, we sent announcements to everyone on our mailing list and got an immediate and heartwarming response. Ticket orders started coming in for all five locations and the support from each neighborhood partner has been exceptional.  There are tickets still available at each location but we expect that several of the upcoming concerts will reach capacity. But more than that, we are humbled by the supportive and enthusiastic welcome that we are receiving from everyone involved.

V-T: How important is it for people to become involved like this at a local level with the Louisville Orchestra?
WINTERS: Listening to music is a very personal experience but enjoying live performances with family, friends and neighbors can be a remarkable community experience as well. I hope it doesn’t sound too lofty to say that our dream is that the Louisville Orchestra can create really joyful connections between people by providing these concerts and sharing this music.

V-T: What can people expect at this concert series?
WINTERS: People can expect a very welcoming and casual atmosphere. The concerts are about one-hour long and sometimes feature a soloist who is either a member of the orchestra or a local artist.  There will be a mix of selections with performances including the full orchestra and smaller ensembles. The main program selection will be familiar works by classical composers including Mozart, Beethoven, Stravinsky and others. In most of the locations, seating is by general admission so it will be easy to sit with friends. (Seating at the Ogle Center, IUS, is reserved). We invite people to get tickets at the door, or in advance, for $20 each, but there is a discount for anyone buying 4 or more of the 14 events on this series.

V-T: This is also a great chance for people to meet with Teddy Abrams, correct?
WINTERS: Yes, it certainly is. At our recent community concert at Iroquois Park, we had to search for Teddy [Abrams] after the concert and found him at the front gate shaking hands with everyone as they were leaving. He loves connecting with people and never misses an opportunity.

V-T: This seems to be a great way also for people to get classical music right on their doorstep too?
WINTERS: More and more people are listening to classical music with easy access to iTunes, radio, music streaming and downloads. The difference a live performance makes to the enjoyment of any type of music is obvious. We hope that bringing live performances of classical music into our neighborhoods, more people will find the joy and emotional satisfaction that is unique to a concert. In short, we really just want everyone to have fun!

All Music Without Borders tickets are general admission and cost $20. To purchase tickets, you can visit www.louisvilleorchestra.org/music-without-borders-2/.