Jamie Campisano, Children’s Author

Jamie Campisano.

Jamie Campisano.

Louisville native, Jamie Campisano, returns to the Derby City next week to promote her children’s book “C” is for College.

An alumna of Sacred Heart Academy and graduate of Wake Forest University and the New York Film Academy, Campisano is passionate about learning. “C” is for College instills confidence and encourages children to see themselves as college material from a young age.

The book is a walk through the alphabet explaining and familiarizing children with terms associated with higher education.

With the high school graduation rate at only 70 percent, Jamie felt compelled to do something proactive to help alleviate the growing education crisis. Her way of making a difference was creating a tool for parents and teachers to show children that they can go to college.

Campisano is trying to promote the joys of learning, especially to those who may not be as privileged as others.

Some researchers have said that by the time we are seven years old, 70 percent of what we believe about ourselves has already been determined. By teaching children about college as early as possible, Campisano said she hopes to embed college in their identity and help them aspire toward a brighter future. It’s not a question of if children will go to college but only where they will attend.

“Some of our high schools have a 35 percent drop-out rate.  If you ran a business and only 35 percent of what you manufactured wasn’t making it out of the door, you wouldn’t be in business very long. We need to find a way to do better,” she said.

The book teaches children how hard work in elementary and high school will pay off in the future. There is even a college pledge in the back of the book for children to sign, saying that they will strive for higher education.

Jamie Campisano will be doing readings of “C” is for College at Field Elementary on Thursday, Feb. 9, and at Frayser Elementary on Friday, Feb. 10, for their “I Love to Read Day.”

You can attend her book signing at The Comfy Cow on Frankfort Avenue at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 11. The books, which normally sell for $24.95, will be sold for $20 (tax included) and each person who buys the book will get a free ice cream cone.

She also will talk about the book with John Ramsey on WAVE-3 on Thursday morning and with Rachel Platt and Terry Meiners on WHAS11 on Friday.

“C” is for College is also available on her website, www.jamiecampisano.com.