Farm to Table Dinner

What is the Farm to Table event?

Brown-Forman’s Farm to Table Dinner, presented in partnership with Slow Food Bluegrass, is a special evening designed to celebrate locally-grown foods in the gorgeous surroundings at Yew Dell. The event takes place on June 14, at 6 p.m. Tickets are limited to 300 guests and previous dinners have consistently sold out.

Dozens of Dollars

Dozens of Dollars

What can guests expect at this year’s event?

This year, guests will be treated to a delicious dinner thoughtfully prepared by Wiltshire Pantry, Red Hog and Comfy Cow, who will team up with local farmers and food producers to prepare a locally grown feast. Guests will also enjoy the Americana roots and bluegrass-inspired sounds from Dozens of Dollars. Most importantly, proceeds from this event will directly benefit the community programs and activities provided by Yew Dell and Slow Food Bluegrass.

Why is this event so important, in terms of the causes that it helps to promote?

Our Farm to Table Dinner is important because it celebrates farm fresh and locally produced foods. This event ties in perfectly with Yew Dell’s mission to promote gardening and sustainable horticulture, and of course, Slow Food Bluegrass is committed to good, clean and fair food for all.

Are tickets still available and if so how can people purchase them?

Yes, tickets are still available by calling 502.241.4788.

For those who do not know, what is Yew Dell and why should people stop by this summer to explore it? 

Yew Dell is a 60-acre botanical garden in Crestwood, a short drive from Louisville, making it the perfect place to visit this summer. We have something for everyone – labeled display gardens with unique plants, hiking trails, gardening workshops, community events, children’s activities and our garden gift shop. Two upcoming events you won’t want to miss are the Hummingbird Festival on Saturday, August 23 and the Garden Sculpture Show, presented by Commonwealth Bank & Trust Company, which opens with an evening reception on Friday, August 30 and features the artwork across the grounds through October 25. Yew Dell is truly a place to wonder, learn and grow.

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