Chris Tedesco, BodyQuest Owner

Chris Tedesco, BodyQuest Owner

Chris Tedesco, BodyQuest Owner

Former U.S. Marine Corps squad leader and 2007 International Trainer of the Year, Chris Tedesco, has helped motivate clients to overcome the obstacle of weight gain and poor physique for the last 11 years at BodyQuest, 106 Fairfax Ave.

The Voice-Tribune spoke with Chris about BodyQuest and found out about his expertise in personal training, as well as a special nutrition “prescription” that could help you finally lose weight and get into the best shape of your life.

You’ve won several awards as a personal trainer. What do you think separates you from other trainers?
I bring attention to detail. A lot of trainers just kind of view everyone as the same. I really take someone and focus on their goals and dig deeper and find what might be keeping them from meeting their goal. I take a much more prescriptive approach. I do a lot of education in my programs so in the future you will be able to utilize (the learned knowledge) on your own.

You offer boot camp at BodyQuest. What other programs do you provide at the gym?
Metabolic conditioning. We offer our assessment programs and a metabolic typing program.

What is a metabolic typing program?
It’s about understanding how foods affect your body. Some people operate better on higher protein diets and some people operate on a mainly vegetable diet. There are three different metabolic types. I’m more of a meat and potatoes guy myself.

What are the three metabolic types?
Type one is protein, type two is protein/carb and type three is carb. Defining your type will allow you to plan your meal choices based on how you best metabolize foods and help your body use the nutrients more efficiently.

Does learning and working with your metabolic type make a huge difference in weight loss?
It really does because so many people struggle with losing weight. They feel like they’re doing the right thing and they’ve tried every diet, but (the diet is) not working because they’re not on the right prescription. We try to get a deeper understanding of what the person needs.

You offer a free trial at BodyQuest. What all comes with that?
Personal training, a general assessment, understanding body composition. We take that information and do a goal-mapping session and talk about nutrition patterns and find what is the best direction for that person to go from there.

I see you work with Dare to Care. How are you involved with the organization?
We do charity boot camps where we collect food cans. I donate to a lot of organizations. I have one client who has Parkinson’s disease and we’re going to do a lot of free workshops to help people with Parkinson’s.

You have also worked with Coach Mo (Mozziz DeWalt) from “The Biggest Loser.” How did the two of you get matched up?
It’s all through referrals. He had just left the (“The Biggest Loser”) and had an injury and needed a high quality trainer to get him further along through his injuries.

I get a lot of NFL clients. I’ve had Olympic clients and a nine-year-old slated to be in the Olympics. (He’s) going to London to be a BMX rider.

What is your goal this year with BodyQuest?
I’m really going to be focusing more on the education side and have a lot more seminars for nutrition, and I’m adding more trainers. One of the things I find is a trainer will always be able to push you further toward your potential than you will be able to push yourself. They can really become a great resource for achieving your goals.

For information on BodyQuest, visit www.bodyqueststudios.com.