Alison Cardoza, Personal Trainer and Dance Instructor

Alison Cardoza.

Alison Cardoza.

As a former Indianapolis Colts cheerleader and University of Louisville ladybird, Alison Cardoza has become an expert on staying active and healthy in order to look and feel great.

Currently a personal trainer and dance instructor at Baptist East Milestone, Cardoza keeps busy helping others achieve their fitness goals, working on local and national choreography projects, and taking care of an energetic five-year-old daughter.

I spoke with Cardoza to find out about her expertise in health and wellness and picked up a few tips on meeting your personal fitness goals in 2012.

What else are you involved with besides personal training and dance?
I’m currently writing a fitness book and creating fitness merchandise at Milestone. The book will include body weight exercises that can be done at the gym or at home to better your fitness routine. We’ll also be filming some YouTube fitness videos soon, and I recently finished filming a workout video called “The Fitness Compass.” It’s about working out and has a dance combination in it. It’s a level one (workout) video and we’re hopefully shooting level two in the next two months.

With the New Year, the gym is typically more packed than usual. What time of year do you notice people begin to slack off on coming to the gym?
I have some clients who have stuck with me for eight years and have not missed a workout session. Some people maybe stick with it for about a month and then they give up after about a month. My goal is to get those new people in and meet them and keep them on track.

Alison Cardoza.How are you helping your clients reach their fitness goals in 2012?
The main thing is to get my clients to make better choices in their life. I tell them, “Would you rather watch a movie or take a walk?” Usually they say watch a movie once they’ve come home after a long day at work, but walking will release endorphins and help relieve the stress from their day.

What about nutrition goals?
So many people like to reward themselves with desserts or drinking at night, but your metabolism slows down at night so you end up gaining more weight. I tell people, don’t drink at night; don’t reward yourself with a big, fat dessert. Moderation is the key. Reward yourself in a way that won’t affect your fitness goals, whether it’s buying a new nail polish or getting a haircut.

What are some ways to prevent overeating at night?
After dinner, that urge will stop. Wait 10 minutes and drink black tea or green tea – something with antioxidants.

What is your biggest advice for achieving personal weight loss or fitness goals this year?
Mental and physical fitness is all related. Just pace yourself and make sure you are eating healthy foods all day long. Don’t ever starve yourself. Your body is a machine. Choose healthier options.

For more information on Cardoza, visit www.alisoncardoza.com.

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