A Tiger at Home

 Logan Butler. Photo by RANDY WHETSTONE JR. | Contributing Photographer

Logan Butler. Photo by RANDY WHETSTONE JR. | Contributing Photographer

Throughout their dating years in college, Jim and Teresa Butler agreed to adopt once they said “I do.” As they contemplated the reason for why they wanted to adopt, Teresa thought about a family member of hers who was put up for adoption.

“It was something I always wanted to do,” she says. “I had a cousin when I was younger whose parents got divorced, and neither one of her parents wanted her. That made a big impression on me.”

After making the decision, the couple turned their attention to babies who needed a home. They began to research the many children internationally who they could potentially adopt. But what was striking was the need that was great here in the United States. From there, they decided to adopt Logan Butler, and the experience has been rich ever since.

Butler, a senior linebacker at St. X High School, has appreciated his journey thus far. When recollecting his adoption experience, he said, “It has meant a lot to me. It is a really big part of who I am as a person. It has helped me to grow up to be the man I am today.”

Logan admits that as a young boy, it was difficult dealing with the adoption experience, but being raised under the roof of such loving parents as Jim and Teresa has made all the difference for him.

“I definitely struggled at first when I was young in finding out who I was,” he affirms. “It was very difficult. Once I grew up and understood more about my situation, I got more comfortable with myself and who I was as a person. [My parents] have supported me 100 percent. They are the most trusting and loving people I could ever ask for, and I am thankful for that.”

Jim and Teresa have three children total in their home. Their oldest child, McKenzie, is their biological daughter at the age of 19. Logan, 17, is the only boy and the middle child, and Ryleigh, 14, is the youngest and also adopted.

Jim and Teresa have learned so many new things as parents due at least partially to Logan’s different skin color. However, it is something both mom and dad have embraced.

Teresa says, “He challenges us to constantly rethink the way we think things are to be – the ‘right way’ or ‘wrong way.’ He challenges us to think different; because of the way he looks, he has different experiences. That challenges us to see it from his perspective.”

Logan always had personal goals he wanted to achieve in football. He says that his predecessor at the linebacker position was Deonte Clyburn, class of 2013. Clyburn was well-respected as a Tiger and totaled in one season 112 tackles. Logan wanted to break that total and came close with 110 tackles this senior season.

Football has certainly been a powerful outlet that keeps him focused, peaceful and organized. “Football has been great,” he says. “It’s a thing I can do when there is total peace around me. It really helps me relax and get my mind right.”

Teresa agrees, “He has always been so active. [Football] keeps him motivated, organized and, during football season, he is the most organized person I have ever seen. It’s been a great motivator for that.” VT

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