Scroggins Finds New Home at DeSales

Courtesy Photo

When Ty Scroggins resigned from Central, he was throwing in the towel. Yes, the one he had used so many Friday nights to wipe the sweat from his forehead as he coached the Central Yellowjackets through a tough victory.

His plans were set. “I was very content on sitting in a chair with some shade over my head watching my three kids play sports in high school and middle school,” he says.

It didn’t take long before Scroggins would go digging for his wide-brim sun hat he wore at so many football practices. Once he found it and put it on, the hat wouldn’t be used to ride off into the sunset, sit comfortably and collect shade as he hoped. Instead it would be used as he displays his football brilliance at a DeSales football practice after accepting a position as a linebackers coach, joining the staff under Head Coach Harold Davis.

When Scroggins’ son Jayden finally decided on a high school and chose DeSales, Davis pitched the idea to Scroggins about coming over and coaching.

“Ty said he had an interest, and asked how he could help,” says Davis. “We met a few days later and discussed where he would fit best with our current coaching staff. Our entire staff has a tremendous amount of respect for Ty and what he accomplished as a head coach. I’m confident this will be very positive for our coaching staff and our football program.”

Even with a 101-43 record to go along with five state championships, Scroggins still had profound respect for the Colts’ program. He’s been impressed with how Coach Davis and his staff have “done things the right way” with scheduling and promoting their school, program and developing its players, and now he becomes a part of that culture.

And now that these incredible football minds are put together at DeSales, Scroggins hopes to double their successes and have great schemes on both sides of the football. After being around for a month, he says the “way we practice” would be the only area for a possible change.

“Hopefully, I can talk coach [Davis] into structuring practice like what we did at Central. That could be a little different from what they are used to doing, but I think it could be effective,” he adds.

Putting football aside, what made the decision to join DeSales easy was that he would have more time to spend with his three kids – Jayden and twin sister Jordan, who will be attending DeSales and Holy Cross, and Mikayla, who is a seventh grader at Johnson Traditional Middle School.

He’ll be able to coach and spend more time with the kids while understanding that his new role as an assistant will be a lot less demanding than the past. In addition, Davis believes Scroggins will be able to make an incredible impact on the program.

“Ty is not only a great coach, but more importantly, he’s a great person. I think his immediate impact will be with our players. They will see a person that has had great success and someone who is a great role model. Obviously, he will have an impact from a football standpoint. But I think it’s more important what he will bring as a mentor to our players. We are very blessed to have both Jayden and Ty at DeSales.”

Although he looks forward to his new home as a Colt, Yellowjackets will still be flying around in Ty’s heart. After a decade coaching there, he believes the coaching staff “became second to none in my mind” as they worked to help a lot of boys become great young men. He’ll also miss the Black and Gold scrimmage that became one of those events that everyone in the city would talk about.

But if there are any thoughts on becoming a head coach again, Scroggins would tell you to pump the breaks.

“My plan as of now is not to return as a head coach again. The only way I would ever consider it is after my three kids graduated, which would be in six years. Facilities must be better or equal to all the Catholic schools, my teaching load very little to none, and I work 210-plus days, which would increase my pay. So, with all of those wants, I would say I’m not going to be a head coach again.”

So even without head coach aspirations, he’ll still be able to enjoy the success DeSales has built and will look to continue in the coming years. He joins a program that has had a 58-13 record and back-to-back Class 2A state titles in 2013 and 2014 under Davis. VT