Northwestern Mutual Athletes of the Month

Zach and Jake Mattingly.

Zach and Jake Mattingly.

Jake and Zach Mattingly, Senior twin brothers at Trinity High School, have been named the Northwestern Mutual Athletes of the Month for October.

Alike in many ways other than just how they look, Jake  (3.63 GPA) and Zach (3.80 GPA) strive to be leaders and positive role models in their school and on the golf team. Golf coach Mike Brumfield nominated them for this award.

“I have a set of twins on my team Jake and Zach Mattingly who would fit the Northwestern Mutual Athlete of the Month greatly,” Brumfield said. “Both are excellent golfers and have really improved! But both are better students and young men. They are extremely smart and very respectful to everyone. They are two kids who are role models on how to be in life.”

It is this character and commitment that has led to success in both academics and sports for Jake and Zach.

What are your favorite sports? 

Jake: Golf, because that’s the sport that I always had a passion for. I like the challenge of playing different courses and playing in different conditions.

Zach: Golf because it tests you not only physically but mentally.  It is different every time you play.

What is it like having a twin who plays the same sport? 

Jake: It’s awesome, we support each other and the competition is friendly but we want to outdo the other.

Zach: I like how we encourage each other which makes us better and the occasional trash talking.

What inspires you to compete for your school? 

Jake: I really like the team aspect of golf. It is an honor being able to compete for Trinity.

Zach: I like competing for the team and all my fellow students at Trinity High School.

What other extracurricular activities do you participate in? 

Jake: Intramural basketball, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, Beta club, Trinity student ambassador(s).

Zach: I participate in many intramurals such as basketball, volleyball, and ultimate Frisbee.  Also, I am a member of Beta Club.

What is your favorite subject in school?  

Jake: Math, because it comes easy for me.

Zach: Web Design because you have to teach yourself and I like that aspect of it.

How many hours per week do you put towards preparing for sports AND school? 

Both: 20 hours during the school year and 30 or more during summer. The hours put in for school varies from 10 to 20 depending on what the assignments may be.

How do you balance school, sports, and other activities? 

Jake: School comes first and time management is key in order to do well.

Zach: Time management is the key for me, along with hard work.

What colleges are on your short list?

Jake: Murray State, Centre, Bellarmine, Transylvania.

Zach: I’m still in the looking process but a few are Centre College, Murray State, Bellarmine University, Western Kentucky University, and Transylvania University.

What has been the hardest thing or situation for you to overcome on your journey as a student athlete? 

Jake: Freshman year was tough because the work load was different than what I was used to and had to change how I managed my time.

Zach: Time management was hard my first years playing high school golf.  I had to learn to balance school work and my golf game.

Who are your role models?  

Jake: My father, he has taught me how to be a man of character and to be the best that I can be.

Zach: My father is a role model to me because he exemplifies hard work and determination in his attitude and perspective on life.

As the October Northwestern Mutual Co-Student Athlete of the Month, what advice do you have for other student athletes? 

Jake: Working hard and giving it your all will get you where you want to go.

Zach: To be successful you have to put in good old fashioned hard work.  It will pay off for you.

What drives you? 

Jake: To be the best person I can be and to be successful.

Zach: What drives me is the pursuit of happiness and to be a good person.

As leaders in your school, what do you do to help other students?

Jake: I try to set myself to be a good example for others to look up to and to be supportive of others.

Zach: I try to set a good example for others through the way I act and behave.  I try to help others when I see it is needed and be an all-around good guy.

What does it mean to you to be selected as A Northwestern Mutual Athlete of the Month?

Jake: It is a great honor that I do not take for granted. It truly makes me happy that all the hard work that I have put into school and golf is paying off.

Zach: It means a lot.  I am very grateful to have been selected as the Northwestern Mutual Athlete of the Month.  Like I mentioned earlier, hard work will pay off and this is a very good example.