Chance Moore Prepares for Prep School

By Randy Whetstone Jr.

Photo courtesy of Fern Creek High School

After finishing his high school career as a Fern Creek Tiger, Chance Moore, who averaged 16 points and 4.9 rebounds his senior year, emerged as one of the top players in the state of Kentucky as he led the Creek to a historic 35-3 season. Moore was in conversation with mid-major schools like Ball State and Manhattan, and has had offers from New Mexico, Butler and over 12 other schools. However, he ultimately decided to attend Beckley Prep Academy in West Virginia to develop for about a year as he gets ready for the college ranks. I had a Q&A with him to see how he plans to navigate through his basketball career post-high school.

What all went into your decision making to attend prep school?

“I was planning on signing with Cleveland State after I graduated. I was supposed to catch a flight to sign my commitment letter, but my flight got canceled and I had to come back to Louisville. Ironically, the next day, I woke up and the coach from Beckley Prep – who I hadn’t even shown any interest to – unexpectedly showed up at my house. After meeting with Coach Cortez and visiting the school, I knew it was right for me.”

How long do you plan to stay there?

“I plan on staying eight to nine months, but I plan on signing with a college in the fourth or fifth month, so half way through the season.”

What areas of your game do you want to develop the most in prep school?

“I need to mature as a person. I need be in the right mental and physical state so that I can go in and make a big impact. I want to learn about leadership and be able to lead a team as a freshman. I also want to improve my defense, being in the paint and being more physical with players when I am trying to get rebounds. I’m a good one-on-one defender, but there are a lot of little things I have to work on to be a better defender.”

When reflecting on your time at Fern Creek, how did the school help you get to where you are now as a basketball player?

“My time there really helped me to blossom. I think going to Fern Creek let me break out of my shell. Coach Schooler let me shoot shots that at my old school (Eastern) would have landed me on the bench. They gave me a lot of motivation and gave me the ability to think highly of myself and do the things I never thought I could do. I have always been a good player and could always compete with good players, but I never had the confidence level to try the stuff I did. When I got to Fern Creek, I played with seven other players who could play Division I, but Coach Schooler said, ‘You can do what you want and be the man of this team. I’m putting my faith in you.’ So it was a good environment to build me up to where I am now.” VT