Crimsons Still Rollin’

DuPont Manual squeaked past dogged visitors Waggener last Friday, with a 69-62 win. The win saw Manual extend their season record to 20-4, while maintaining their undefeated record at home (8-0). For Waggener, this was their  10th defeat of the season (16-10), with an away record of 4-7.

Photos by Damon Atherton | contributing Photographer

Jalam Hill (14) posted a layup by beating Manual\'s TyRon Horton (24) to the basket.Waggener Wildcat Jaalam Hill (14) made a habit of beating the Manual defense to the hoop.Waggener\'s Jalam Hill (14) controlled a rebound under the Wildcats\' basket.Waggener\'s Devon Cooper (35) attempted a buzzer-beating three at the end of the first quarter.JaKory Freeman (10) brought the ball into Crimsons territory.Manual\'s Marquis McClendon (23) searched for an open teammate.Dwayne Sutton (22) shot a jumper over the Waggener defense.TyRon Horton (24) while tightly guarded while shooting.Keion Crawford (32) grabbed a rebound.Jarrett Harness (4) had a tough time getting off a shot under the basket.Waggener\'s Nicholas Kratholm (34) leapt over the Manual players to get off a shot.A shot by Dwayne Sutton (22) was challenged by Jaalam Hill (14).Dwayne Sutton (22) grabbed a rebound uncontested.The Wildcats\' Jeremy Cole (5) found a lane to the basket.William West (3) focused on the rim as he raced ahead of the Waggener defense.TyRon Horton (24) put up a reverse layup.Manual\'s William West (3) drove the lane.The Crimsons\' jarrett Harness (4) took to the free throw line late in the game.