Silks Bash 2021

Operation Open Arms, Inc. welcomes celebrity guests virtually to support its cause

By Elizabeth Scinta
Photos provided by Operation Open Arms, Inc.


If I had to choose one word to describe Cathy Bailey, Founder and President of Operation Open Arms, Inc., it would be philanthropic. While interviewing her to learn more about the Silks Bash, I also learned about her and the organization she started. Operation Open Arms, Inc. was formed in 2001 to help place children whose mothers are incarcerated into loving and caring homes, according to Bailey. 

“Think of the strain it puts on our criminal justice system. Think of all these children that do not have either a mom or a dad there to tuck them in bed at night, to be there for them, to provide an ability for these children to have a life or their mother with them,” explained Bailey. Operation Open Arms, Inc. is licensed by the state of Kentucky, making them a privatized form of foster care. “These foster families have changed these children’s lives. They have given them an opportunity to go on to become responsible citizens who contribute to society, and to not take from society,” said Bailey.

Every organization needs its annual fundraiser and for Operation Open Arms, Inc. that comes on Derby Eve. The Silks Derby Eve Bash is typically held at Locust Grove on the eve of Derby. It’s a fun night filled with dancing, great music and learning more about the organization, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve had to switch up the way they normally do things.

This year, the Silks Derby Eve Bash will be taking an online format entitled: Silks Bash! 2021 “Party In A Bubble.” How fun! The event will occur on April 30, 2021, from 8 to 10:30 p.m., and will be a night filled with celebrities and cocktails. Although we all can’t be gathered in one space together, Operation Open Arms, Inc. is encouraging viewers to safely get together with their family and friends and host their own “party in a bubble,” according to Bailey. Elizabeth McCall, Woodford Reserve’s Assistant Master Distiller, will be kicking off the party by teaching viewers how to make Derby cocktails! Other high-profile guests include Handicapper Ellis Starr who will help attendees pick the winning Derby horse, Maverick from Top Gun, DJ James Kennedy of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules and Chrissy Teigan! 

“This year, it’s important that our audience not think we’ve gone away. For obvious reasons, we weren’t able to do it last year, but [this year we’re] providing an opportunity to stay engaged with those people that have supported us in a different way. We’ll be back in person at some point, but right now, we’re trying to stay engaged with those patrons. Hopefully, when this is all said and done, we will have been able to do that,” said Bailey.

It will be a night full of excitement but grounded in the real reason the event is happening in the first place, to help all children be in a home where they feel loved and can succeed to the best of their abilities. To purchase a ticket for the event visit, https://redpintix.com/events/silks-bash-2020-9-4-2020. There are varying price levels, each with more benefits added on. For $50, you can sign up for the event itself. For $175, you can sign up for the event and receive a “party kit” for a party of eight that includes:

•  Mixers, drink-ware, cocktail napkins and Chrissy Teigen’s Poppin’ Off Popcorn.

•  Seasoning Kit, cocktail recipe cards, special snacks (bourbon barrel smoked paprika, spiced snack mix, selected cheese, cheddar dill crackers, petite salami and shortbread cookies).

•  Woodford Reserve and Woodford Reserve’s renowned Bourbon Balls!

For $200, you can sign up for the event and have the “party kit” shipped right to you! For more information on the party kit and pick-up times and locations, head to the Red Pin Tix link above. All proceeds from the Silks Bash! 2021 “Party In A Bubble” will go directly towards Operation Open Arms, Inc. and helping children whose mothers are incarcerated.

 If you’re interested in learning more about Operation Open Arms, Inc. or how to become a foster family, please check out their website at oparms.org. “We are in need of recruiting more families. Through COVID-19, everything kind of got quiet. A lot of our children were adopted in 2019 going into 2020, so the numbers of our children became reduced because our foster families also became reduced because they had gone on to adopt children! We call these families our ‘Unsung Heroes,’” explained Bailey. 

Silks Bash! 2021 “Party In A Bubble”
April 30, 2021
8-10:30 p.m.