Seasonal Accents Made Simple

TVT_8150The end of summer means many things: leaves changing, temperatures cooling, school starting and, importantly, redecorating. Out go the bright greens, yellows and blues, and in come the burnt oranges, ambers and olive greens. Here to help guide homeowners through the process is Robin Cole, owner and interior designer at Robin’s Nest Interiors. Cole is an expert on furnishing and aesthetics and has some easy and affordable tips for those looking to ring in the accents of the season.

One of the easiest ways to switch from summer to fall is via your pillows or throws. “That’s a great way to introduce new color,” she explains. “And that helps prevent you from getting bored with everything.” Cole has experience with designing living rooms and always keeps the changing seasons and tastes in mind. “Typically on the sofa, I’ll do a neutral fabric because that’s the biggest piece of furniture in the room and you don’t want a lot of pattern on it,” she describes. “But then you can bring in pattern with your throw pillows. And that’s really an easy thing to be able to change out.”

TVT_8152Indeed, Cole actually designs her custom pillows with a feature that allows homeowners to switch from a blue pillow cover to, say, a dark orange one for fall. “We’ll do a zipper so you can have a great pillow insert, but you can change the color pretty easily,” Cole reveals.

A throw is also a great way to mix it up, especially in an autumn style such as faux fur. Swapping out throws can also be a fun and easy way to play with the textual elements of a room. “If you have a certain color theme going through your house and you don’t want to introduce another color, then the faux fur would be a neat textural way to introduce fall without messing up what you’ve got going throughout the house,” Cole reasons.

In the bedroom, you can make similar seasonal style changes by trading out the bedding. “I’ll always do a solid coverlet,” Cole describes of when she designs a bedroom. “But then you can add your color with a throw or a quilt on the end of the bed as well as with the pillows. And that way you can change it up without having to spend on new custom bedding.” If perhaps a couple has invested significantly in all elements of master bedroom and prefer to leave it unchanged, the guest room can also be a great place to welcome the season. Bringing in some seasonal pillow covers for the bed or towels for the guest bathroom are painless changes, and, as Cole adds, “It can really make a guest feel special too.”

TVT_8153Additionally, modifications may be made to home accessories to really make the season pop. For example, entryway rugs are a simple swap and can make a very strong impression when entertaining. “You’re not going to change out your dining room rug that you spent $3,000 on, but something smaller in the entryway that guests see every time they wipe their feet is easy to change out.” Meanwhile, Donna Outlaw, owner of Dwellings, suggests, if possible, that homeowners switch out the more summery sisal rugs to warmer oriental rugs for the fall.

Finally, the introduction of autumn candles are great way to spice up your home without altering the general aesthetic. “Candles are a good way not to change anything – you’re just adding candles,” Cole emphasizes. “You’re not messing with your color scheme if you’ve invested a lot in that. And that way you can bring in the feel of fall without having to change all your linens and spend money.”

TVT_8151Other accessories homeowners can consider are the general byproducts of fall. A unique branch, for example, can instantly transform a simple vase into an autumn centerpiece. Or bringing some firewood into the hearth, even if it’s not functional, can incorporate warmth and the spirit of the season into a room just by its presence.

And of course, there’s the novelty decorations for Halloween: jack-o’-lanterns, leaf wreathes and witches’ brooms. But as Cole asserts, there is a myriad of other ways to make your home feel like fall without hanging up a skeleton: “If you don’t really like that novelty decoration, you can still make your house feel like fall by doing a few simple things.” VT