Quappi Projects’ “We All Declare for Liberty” Exhibit

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

n Oct. 9, the NuLu art gallery Quappi Projects opened a new exhibit titled “We All Declare for Liberty: 2020 and the Future of American Citizenship,” that was created by founder and artist John Brooks. Patrons were invited to peruse the exhibit in small groups and many of the artists were in attendance for them to meet.

  • Sean Starowitz and Emily Miles.

  • John Brooks.

  • John Brooks.

  • Theo Edmonds, Joey Yates, John Brooks and Josh Miller.

  • Rachel Durbin and Peter Price.

  • Maryanne Elliott and Tommy Elliott.

  • Darius and Celes Smith.

  • Darius and Celes Smith.

  • Celes, Darius and Jamelia Smith.

  • José Manuel Nápoles and Maria Riveron.

  • José Manuel Nápoles with his piece Desperate Waiting and Happy Endings.

  • Sara Olshansky with her piece Say It Too Many Times: Lose Your Voice.

  • Jasmine Salahuddin and Blake McGrew.

  • Destiny Mbachu with her piece Show Me Some Fuckin Respect.

  • Molly Mackowiak with Emma and Sarah Shadburne.

  • Kenyatta Bosman with his piece King Loui.