The Loveable Laurel



When the Animal Care Society got a phone call about four Shelty/Shih Tzu mix pups in need of placement, the staff immediately envisioned little smooshy-faced balls of fluffy fur.

After meeting Laurel and her siblings, however, it was obvious that they definitely weren’t Shih Tzu mixes and, given their size, the Animal Care Society seriously doubted that they’re Shelty mixes either. Based on their coloring, the Animal Care Society guessed more Border Collie or even Rough-Coated Collie. Regardless of their heritage, they are super-cute and super-sweet pups!

Laurel is a beautiful white tri-color and is a tad bit smaller than her siblings. She is doing well on paper-training and, with her eager-to-please-you personality, an experienced puppy owner would have her housetrained fairly quickly.

Born on December 18, 2011, Laurel still has a lot of puppy behavior and is enthusiastic about almost everything. She doesn’t meet a stranger and while she’d love to have kids as playmates, keep in mind that both Border Collies and Collies have strong herding instincts – most will instinctively nip at the heels of running children in an attempt to herd (not hurt) them.

Any children in Laurel’s prospective home should be old enough not to be frightened by this behavior. Judging from the size of her paws, the Animal Care Society is guesstimating that Laurel will easily hit 40-50 lbs as an adult and could be even bigger than that so she’ll need plenty of fenced-in space to run and play.

Another canine-friendly dog in the household would provide Laurel with both a playmate and a role-model for helping her learn all the important stuff she’ll need to know as she grows. To find out if this pretty girl would be a good fit for you and your household, just stop by the shelter and ask to meet her!

Visit Laurel today at the Animal Care Society, 12207 Westport Road. Call 502.426.6303 for more information. View all adoptable pets at www.animalcaresociety.org.