Seeking A Second Chance

Kati and Kali are looking for a new home and a second chance at happiness.Their family is heartbroken to have to give them up. They are losing their home and have to move into government housing, which doesn’t allow pets.

Kati and Kali are both very friendly, 7 years old, 50 lbs, housebroken, love kids and other dogs and are not picky eaters.

Kati (the black one) loves to snuggle and spoon. She’s queen of the house and very smart. She’s a major homebody who prefers to stay inside and watch TV with you, only going outside to do her business. And she loves her sister Kali.

Kali (the brown one) is the protector of the family and the brains of the operation. Unlike her sister and best friend Kati, she prefers to be outside. She walks the kids to the bus stop each morning, and loves to greet them and walk them back home in the afternoon.

Kati and Kali have been together their whole lives and would love to be adopted together, but if being adopted into separate homes is the only way to keep them out of the shelter, that will be alright.

These two sweet doggies deserve a family that will love them and one that they can show their love and appreciation to in return. If there’s room in your heart and home for Kati and Kali, please send an email to vickibangs@yahoo.com or call The Voice at 502.498.2052.