Petal It Forward with Nanz & Kraft!

Help make someone’s day with a free violet plant and a smile


By Elizabeth Scinta
Photos provided by Nanz & Kraft from the 2019 event


This year has been a year like no other, and Nanz & Kraft is here to help our days get better one flower at a time. Their annual Petal It Forward event will be happening this year, but it’s going to look different from years past, as everything this year has. 

Usually, Nanz & Kraft employees stand on the street somewhere in Louisville for a day and hand out two flowers to passersby. One is to keep for yourself and one is to pass on to someone else. This year, Petal It Forward will take place in-store, and it will last from Oct. 19 to Oct. 24. “It’s kind of like a good neighbor day,” said David Kraft, the president and owner of Nanz & Kraft.

This year they’ll be handing out violet plants, one for you and one to pass on to someone else, according to Kraft. You can pick up your two violet plants at one of their two locations: 141 Breckenridge Ln. or 4450 Dixie Hwy.

Petal It Forward was started by the Society of American Florists in 2015. Thousands of floral companies have participated in the day since its creation. The society of American Florists hopes this will help improve someone’s day in this otherwise sad and crazy time, according to their website. 

Last year, they passed out approximately 1,000 flowers and plants on Petal It Forward day and Kraft said they always receive excellent feedback. “Passing them out personally for the last five years has been really interesting because you’ll have people in tears saying they’ve had someone pass away or someone will say an employee at work is having a really tough day and it’s wonderful that you are doing this,” Kraft said.

Nanz & Kraft is following CDC guidelines inside the store to assure the safety of their customers and employees. Masks are required to enter the store but don’t fret if you forgot it at home because they have complimentary masks and hand sanitizer stationed at the door. Employees are stationed six feet apart, and there are markers on the ground inside the store to mark out six feet for customers, too, according to Kraft. So grab your mask and head to Nanz & Kraft to brighten your day, an employee’s day and whoever you decide to give the extra flower or plant to. There’s nothing better than surprise flowers and a smile from someone you love.

Nanz & Kraft Main Hub Location
141 Breckenridge Ln.
Louisville, KY 40207