One of a Kind

Angie Schultz.

Vivacious hat designer Angie Schultz celebrates 20 years of Attitudes by Angie


By Mariah Kline
Photos by
Kathryn Harrington


Inside her Prospect home, Angie Schultz, owner of Attitudes by Angie, has turned a massive front room into a spectacular space to showcase her hat designs. “When we moved into this house 37 years ago, I thought, ‘What on earth is this room going to be? It’s so big, what are we going to do with it?’ Here it is, it’s my hat shop,” she says.

Surrounded by color and dimension, those in search of Derby headwear have a plethora of options. Each unique hat and fascinator is custom designed by Schultz and given a name, such as “Shine Your Light” and “Winner Take All.”

With 20 years of Attitudes by Angie under her (sparkly) belt, Schultz is thrilled to continue sharing her craft. We recently sat down with the artist to discuss her company’s anniversary and all things Derby. 

What inspired you to begin making hats?
“I started with a baseball cap. I looked in the mirror one day and said, ‘Why am I wearing this plain baseball cap?’ So, I decided to go get a glue gun and some flowers. It started out as a hobby and ended up as a business.”

How does it feel to be celebrating 20 years of Attitudes by Angie?
“It’s very exciting! I’ve definitely grown and I’m braver than I used to be. I think all of my hats are great, but when I look back, they were less embellished. Now I see that it’s the more the merrier.”

Why do you think your hats make such a significant impact on those who wear them?
“These hats are like pieces of art. They’re all one of a kind, just like women, so I use my hats as a vessel to help women step out of the box. Derby is one big day. They’ve got to look good and they’ve got to make a statement, and if they’ve never done it before, my hats will do it for them.”

What trends will we see at this year’s Derby?
“Print, print and more print. And you’ll see a lot of blues and a lot of blush colors this year. Fascinators are still quite popular since women don’t want to mess their hair up, but I still like hats. They make a huge statement.”

What do you think sets your pieces apart?
“I think it’s the textures and the colors. When you put them on, they come alive. My hats give women lots of choices. With so many colors in each hat, they can go with any dress that you have.”

How do you want to use your art to inspire other women?
“I believe a hat can change your life. You can feel the energy that I put into it. It’s about attitude and doing something you love. If I can inspire women by showing them what I love to do, maybe they can find what they love to do. They can look inside themselves and see what makes them happy. Everyone should feel what that creativity is like.”

For more information, visit attitudesbyangie.com.