Support in the Line of Duty

Providing back up to the men and women in blue


By Ella Treinen
Photos by Stephen Moore


Louisville Metro Police Foundation is devoted to giving back to the men and women who know backup best. The Foundation supports police officers to ensure they have the strength and resources to protect our city. Just two women strong, LMPF is the only nonprofit organization authorized to raise Louisville Metro Police Department funds. Their Director of Community Engagement, Rebecca Grignon-Reker, knows and cares for Louisville’s police family from the inside out.

Rebecca was formerly married to LMPD Officer Peter Grignon, who died in the line of duty in 2005, the same year LMPF was born. She couldn’t have anticipated the large family of police Peter would leave behind. Just as they’ve supported her, she gives back to them daily at the Foundation. 

LMPF has an Officer in Distress Fund, which provides direct financial support when disaster strikes either inside or outside the line of duty. LMPF also provides assistance to fund additional training that officers would otherwise pay for out of pocket. Disaster or not, LMPF is ready with unwavering support. LMPF is currently working with the LMPD to develop a comprehensive wellness program. The program will address officers’ mental, physical and spiritual health, ensuring that they can be their best. The Foundation also has a mental health grant, allowing funds that assist officers with counseling when the job strain starts to creep in.

“When an officer shows up, it’s not your best day,” said Grignon-Reker. “They have to come and break bad news and mediate domestics, or they’re pulling you over to give you a ticket. They are constantly dealing with negativity.”

LMPF also gives officers opportunities to help people in the community and grow a positive relationship with those they protect. Each year, the Foundation holds its Boots, Badges and Bids event. Leading citizens of Louisville gather to raise funds for the LMPD. Some of the funds go towards LMPF’s Shop With A Cop program. Officers go out and shop for a family in need and even play Santa’s close friends from time to time. 

LMPF helps officers help us, and if you’re wondering how you can show your gratitude, Grignon-Reker has a couple of suggestions. While donations to the LMPD do the work LMPF does possible, Grignon-Reker reminds us never to underestimate the power of a simple thank you or a smile. 

For more information about LMPF’s many fundraising events and programs, visit their website.

Louisville Metro Police Foundation
982 Eastern Parkway
Louisville, KY 40217
502.409.9LMF (563)