New Age Comedy Offers A Fresh Take On Romance

My Big Gay Italian Wedding is a hilarious and bold take on the planning and preparation that goes into a marriage ceremony. Anthony Pinnunziato, an Italian boy drunk-in-love with his yearlong boyfriend, Andrew Polinski, decides to pop the question. But the numerous hassles that come with the proposal are not quite what either on them bargained for.

Set in modern day Brooklyn, the Pinnunziato family encounters difficult setbacks while planning the celebration. Anthony’s mother, an opinionated, strong-willed Italian, believes a Catholic priest should perform the ceremony and wants Andrew’s mother to help with the wedding plans. But gay marriage has yet to be legalized in New York and Andrew has not spoken to his mother in ages.

Cheating lovers, catfights, multiple dance numbers, and many laughs ensue, and the boys are left to decide if they want to endure the hardships with which they have been faced.

This spicy, new age comedy is a twist to the boy-loves-boy plot and is definitely one that will keep you laughing. With over-the-top wedding planners, saucy innuendos, and a great cast, it is definitely worth seeing.
The play runs through this weekend at the Victor Jory Theatre in Actors Theater of Louisville. Each show is at 7:30 p.m. Further information about the play can be found at