Never Too Old to Make New Friends

When you get older you get set in your ways. Either you have your group of friends already in place or perhaps you are looking for more friends, but find it hard to do so when you reach a certain age. Well one group in Louisville has made it their mission to help the city’s residents aged 40 and above to meet new people, make friends and all while doing fun things around town.

Started in the spring of 2011 on by Louisville resident Sherrie Holmes, the group has now grown to have over 370 paying members. Today, run by longtime member Jeff Slyn, the group is going from strength to strength.

“Our purpose has always remained the same – to give people new friends and give them things to go and out and do,” explains Slyn. “So if you’re like, ‘Man, I really want to go out and watch a movie,’ but you don’t enjoy going to do that by yourself, … now you have approximately 370 people to go and ask to watch that movie with or you ask an event host to sponsor that movie and you will have plenty of people to tag along with you.”

To join could not be more simple. Be above the age of 40, enjoy meeting people and pay $12 in annual dues. And in case the group is not your thing, everyone gets the first month free of charge as a trial period.

And for $12 there are countless events to count on. Whether it’s Hump Day, the group’s Wednesday night dinners held a few times a month, or larger gatherings sponsored by the numerous event hosts in the group, such as days out on the lake, or going to see shows, there is always something to do.

For Slyn, a Broadway fan, the Socializers  has been a chance to develop a group of friends who want to go and watch the Broadway series at the Kentucky Center for the Arts, growing from 3–4 individuals to 19 this year.

At the end of the day though Slyn loves the fact that he joined the Socializers when he did. Because now, at the age of 57 he has more friends than ever to count on to do fun things with around town.

“My Facebook friends have gone from a few hundred to well over a thousand, I have made a lot of friends. Of the 370 or so members in our group I probably know more than half and can remember their names … You really see people who bond, either through a relationship or a friendship which is really nice.”

Slyn concludes: “We’re just a really fun singles group, and there are others in town. But that’s less of a focus for us. We may have people who date in the group, that’s not our purpose, ours is to provide friends and have people to socialize with.”

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