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Diane Davis and Randy Blevins.

How Think Tank specializes in social media marketing to bring your brand to the top


By Elizabeth Scinta
Photos by Kathryn Harrington


If you’re anything like me, the first thing you do in the morning is check your social media. You scroll through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and if you’re feeling really zealous, through LinkedIn too. Social media platforms are a place to share your life, stay in touch with friends and family, follow bloggers, influencers and celebrities, find new businesses and organizations and learn more about the places and people around you. 

For Randy Blevins, founder and CEO of Think Tank Marketing, social media is his work and the thing he’s constantly learning more about. “When I first started in the business and the reason I started it is because social media was this up and coming new thing and I thought that it would be a really great opportunity for businesses to get the word out about their services and products. I started my business in 2011, but the problem was not everyone is an early adopter like I was at the time, so it was really hard to convince businesses to pay me to craft messages and tell stories on these social channels that they probably haven’t heard of yet,” Blevins explained. 

Blevins uses social media platforms as a marketing tool to help promote businesses by telling their stories. Social media is constantly evolving, and with that comes new challenges but also new benefits. Over the past few years, we’ve seen social media platforms become an advertisement hub for businesses across the board. Blevins agrees that this can be a great way to tell more people about your business, but not everyone responds well to those “buy me” ads as he described it. “We take an approach of let’s let people get to know you, what are the cool things about your business, what are the fun things about your business and how can we show that through a fun video,” Blevins said.

“We may put money behind them to serve this, but it’s really not about money and saying ‘buy this.’ It’s here’s what we are, here’s why we’re doing this, this is why we’re in business and authentically telling those stories for businesses.”

With social media platforms continuously growing, Blevins and his team at Think Tank are always figuring out the best way to market the businesses they are working with. Whether it’s figuring out a space for your company on Tik Tok or Twitter, they monitor what they think works best for your unique business. “We’re very much interested in video production right now and I’m really interested in Tik Tok because this is another new platform that operates differently than any other social channel. It flips the script and instead of going to your feed and seeing videos from your followers, you’re going to your feed to see videos that Tik Tok thinks you’re interested in. You don’t have to have 100,000 followers to reach 100,000 people when you’re on that platform if you’re doing it right,” Blevins said. “That’s a really cool, interesting concept and probably why it’s taken off because its algorithms are so good at showing things that you like. You’ll sit there forever and watch all of these videos because it’s exactly what you want to see.” I can confidently say I fall down that Tik Tok rabbit hole every day and have started to prefer that platform over others, so it makes sense why Blevin’s team is working on ways to get their businesses on that platform.

As for the future of social media, who knows what will happen! Blevins thinks people will start to own their content. This means that a blogger on Substack would be able to charge people for subscriptions to view their content. In turn, marketers will want to use them as a platform to showcase their client’s products and services. “Not only are people paying to view their content, I think marketers can pay them to then do a commercial or promote a product in the middle of their content. It’s kind of like influencers only people are paying that influencer to watch their stuff,” Blevins explained. 

Blevins also expects users of social media platforms to adopt the word “social” back into their vocabulary. Blevins means that people will connect and interact with each other more, rather than just scrolling through. “The pandemic has taught more people how to use digital technology to stay connected and I think we can use that to connect more broadly even post-pandemic. We’re thinking about when we are allowed to have something in person, can we still Zoom that for people that don’t live here in Louisville? Because then they can have access to this bourbon dinner or this talk in a way where they don’t have to drive here to come in person and that’s valuable. I don’t think we were really thinking about that in terms of how we broaden our message to people who don’t even live here,” Blevins said.

As Blevins and his team continue to help companies expand their reach via different social media platforms, you can look for some of their projects to be coming out in the next few months. A lifestyle brand called Herbal Vanity will be launching its social platforms in April. Blevins is also working on a musical theater project that he’s hoping to announce at the beginning of April. Finally, you can participate in Froggy’s Popcorn’s Flavor Madness! Vote on which flavor you want Froggy’s Popcorn to make next. “That’s what we try to do. We make sure that we’re creating engaging content for people to participate in. Whether that’s fun contests or cool behind-the-scenes videos, those are some of the tactics we use to build that brand awareness so people are familiar and feel like they know what these businesses are about,” Blevins explained.

If you’re interested in learning more about Think Tank, head to their website, thinktanklou.com. “We believe in authenticity and transparency when telling the story of our clients and ourselves. There’s no guarantee that your content is going to be seen so you’ve got to make it as creative, clever or as engaging as it can, so it can rise to the top, and Think Tank has the skills to do that.”

Randy Blevins and Diane Davis.

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