Gilded Pleasure

While autumn is looming and summer is taking its last heavy breaths, there’s the notion of transition you can almost feel in the air. 1 In the throws of a mash-up season like this, you may be scratching your head while planning your next get-together. Well, don’t. We have pretty little things you can buy locally – items as darling as the getup I’m sure you’ll be donning as hostess!

We’re mixing summer and fall, new and old – all with a luxe gold finish. The best way to curate a well-assembled yet unique setup is by decorating with interesting, varying pieces. For example, hop into Colonial Designs for these gorgeous white dinner plates and then try layering them with antique dessert plates you can find thrifting for a whimsical mix-and-match feel.

Fresh fruit and delectable baked goods decorate the scene. While the warm summer days drag on, your guests will appreciate lighter items paired with sweet white wine. Say cheers in style and score local!

-Alexa Pence, Dress Code 502

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