Fresh Colors for Spring

Paint roller, renovationSpring is obviously a time for renewal. It is a time for cleaning house, taking out the old and bringing in new and vibrant energy. One way to go about doing that is to paint. With enough paint, a fresh coat can cover the past, no matter how dark. To help give you the skinny on spring’s hottest colors and paint trends, The Voice-Tribune spoke with Angela Cox at Century Entertainment & Furnishings.

forwebAccording to Cox, the overall trend this year is to go back to basic colors: grays, whites and similar neutral colors. The goal and effect is to create a soothing atmosphere in your home: “We are seeing blush pink in national ads – so that will be coming soon – but in Louisville, things are still neutral with, maybe, some navy or coral accents.” She goes on to say that there are definitely traditional tried-and-true colors to paint different rooms in the home, “Dining rooms are traditionally painted red because red activates the appetite, but we’re also seeing a lot of gray and cream right now. In kitchens, you see lots of white and pale. Master bedrooms, and even smaller rooms where you’re going to be restful and comfortable, are usually darker. We typically use navy.”

If you’ve ever painted before, you know, of course, it’s rarely as simple as picking out the color. You have to find the right kind of paint for the job. Fortunately, in most cases, long gone are the days of needing to purchase primer and the paint in your intended color. “Every brand of paint I can think of has a really saturated, all-in-one paint now,” says Cox. Flat or matte finish paint are almost exclusively put on ceilings, for example. Satin paints go on most walls, but semigloss will do if you want more of a texture; latex paints are easily cleaned, and foil paint is used on wood. The options are endless, and you are only limited by your own creativity. Take advantage of this new information and your newfound springtime energy to start fresh this season! VT

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