Master of Wine

Scott Harper.

Master Sommelier and Wine Spectator Award Winner Scott Harper pops the cork on Cuvée Wine Table and the art of sabrage


By Ella Treinen
Photos by Kathryn Harrington


If you were to tell young Scott Harper, an owner and Master Sommelier at Cuvée Wine Table, that being a wine expert was his calling, he probably wouldn’t have believed you. It was right after high school when working at an Italian restaurant that Harper stumbled upon his fascination with and love of wine. 

After pursuing his calling since then, Harper recently celebrated his 12th anniversary as a wine sommelier, and Cuvée Wine Table’s wine list just won the Wine Spectator award for the third year in a row. 

Cuvée Wine Table is a place where wine can be shared and enjoyed by all. It has a diverse selection, accommodating wines from various prices, styles, grape varieties and countries. With around 57 wines by the glass and over 100 by the bottle, there’s certainly a little something for everyone. If you can’t decide which wine is for you, Harper and his team of wine experts are there to help you taste, savor – maybe saber – and choose just the right one. 

Harper enjoys assisting the guests with the perfect selection of the wine to their liking, as well as delicious food pairings. You may even witness some spectacular sabrage, which is a technique of opening a champagne bottle with a saber. 

“I think it’s fun more than anything. It’s so celebratory. It’s like a sign of having a good time,” said Harper. “The art of sabrage is a mark of a special occasion and celebrating such an occasion in this manner can certainly be an art form.”

Whether you’re celebrating or just winding down after a long day of work, Harper and the team at Cuvée Wine Table are prepared to inspire both your palate and mind with fine wine and the fun-filled art of sabrage. 

“It’s not just that I enjoy wine myself, I also enjoy sharing wine with like-minded people and educating them about it because it’s such a fascinating subject. It’s not just taste, it’s geography, legend, science and so much more,” said Harper.

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