March Into Spring

How to shake up your workout this season

By Jeff Howard  |  Photos by Jillian Clark
Models: Andy Treinen, Ella Treinen,
Mia Treinen and Alison Cardoza
Location: Frazier History Museum

With the winter ending and the spring season approaching, it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate your fitness routine and integrate new activities into your workouts.

Although we are creatures of habit and comfort, frequently changing your workout program is necessary to avoid burnout and adaptation. But how do you know when the time for change has come?

When to Change Your Fitness Routine:

The body (and mind) experience boredom when a workout routine has been done day in and day out. If you experience any of the following, it’s time to change up your fitness program:

You no longer feel a sense of joy for the activity or routine.

You stop seeing results.

You find yourself watching the clock.

You don’t feel energized after completing a workout.

You feel unusually fatigued or you don’t feel energized
or inspired.

Knowing when to change a workout routine or revise a workout schedule requires awareness. I also experience this feeling, so I called upon my colleague Alison Cardoza for a fresh perspective. She looks at the body differently, and a simple adjustment from someone else can help with that feeling of renewal.

What better way to jump into spring than at a beautiful location – the rooftop at the Frazier History Museum. Lead Designer Nick Holmes worked closely with Jon Carloftis – a world-renowned landscape artist who is known for designing exquisite rooftop gardens – on making the space what it is today.

Frazier History Museum’s President & CEO Andy Treinen and his daughters, Ella and Mia, joined Alison on a Sunday afternoon for a workout that she specially designed for them and for you.

Let’s all march forward into the best spring ever!

1. High Knee into Lunge

Start with feet together. Lift and bend one knee up toward the chest. Extend the same leg back into lunge position. Bring it back together and repeat with the other leg. (20 each)

2. Jumping High Knee into Lunge

Start with feet together. Lift bent knee up toward chest. At the same time as leg lift, add a jump on standing leg. Bring the leg back together and repeat with the other leg. (15 each)

3. Abdominal Marching Crunch

Lie flat on your back with shoulder blades off the floor. Bend one leg and straighten the other leg at the same time. Keep legs off the floor to engage core. Alternate legs, bent and straight. (1 minute each)

4. Calf Raises in Lunge Position

Start in a lunge position. Lift the heel off the ground with the front foot. Switch legs and repeat on the other side. (20 each)

5. Marching Plank

Start in plank position with elbows on the floor. Extend into push-up position one arm at a time. Alternate arms. (15 each)

6. Pelvic Tilt Marches

Start in a supine position and pelvic tilt hips. Alternate bent leg lifts, keeping the glutes off the floor as legs switch back and forth. (20 each)

7. Tap and Squat

Start with feet apart in standing position. Lift and bend one leg up to the chest. As you place the lifted leg down on ground, squat with both legs together and feet apart. Repeat on the other leg. (20 each)

8. Marching Push Up

Start in push-up position. Lift leg straight off the floor. Bring feet back together and repeat with the other leg. (20 each)

A Fitness Q&A with Andy Treinen

Did you grow up being active and playing sports?

I grew up playing football, basketball, baseball and sometimes running track on an annual rotation throughout each year, and I loved every minute of it. 

What do you do today to keep fit and healthy?

I play tennis when the weather allows, I run (begrudgingly) and I dabble in circuit training.

How does your family incorporate health and fitness into your daily life?

Our daughters are both active athletes – playing lacrosse and running track. My wife Wendy and I stay fit just trying to keep up. We also walk together and eat healthy (Wendy has some mad culinary skills).

Do you exercise at home or at a gym?

I go to the gym or do outdoor tennis at Tyler Park.

You have a great relationship with your daughters. How have you seen sports and exercise bring you closer together?

As parents of two young ladies, it is important to Wendy and me that Ella and Mia are confident in everything they do. Athletics provides that confidence, along with a chance for us to laugh, cry and achieve together. I have coached both girls for years and I love it! I believe it brings us closer. It also allows me to know their friends and teammates much better and for their friends to know me. There’s real value in that and we see it every week.

If you’re going to have a cheat meal, what do you eat?

A fatty ribeye, scalloped potatoes loaded with cheese and Brussels sprouts. Then, Graeter’s black raspberry chip ice cream for dessert.