Louisville’s Smoothie Superheroes

Chase and Jamie Barmore.

LifeBar, one of Louisville’s original smoothie bars, transitioned online to bring their clean and healthy blends to your doorstep


By Rachel Porter
Photos provided by LifeBar


The founder of LifeBar in Louisville, Chase Barmore, knew that he wanted to expand Louisville’s health-food options. In 2010, Chase and his wife Jamie decided to share the city’s most transparent and cleanest superfoods. They created one of the original smoothie bars in Louisville, located at Rainbow Blossom Natural Food Markets for a decade. “Since day one, we were all about health, and we crafted the perfect smoothie with no fillers, sugars, or gums,” said Jamie. At LifeBar, customers can count the ingredients on one hand. 

As 2020 approached, Chase and Jamie dreamed of LifeBar becoming a functional smoothie brand. “We were really busy at the bars and wanted to make the perfect smoothie every time. So what we did was pre-pack all of the ingredients to guarantee consistency,” they said.  They thought, “Wow, everyone can make these at home.” The pandemic gave them the push they needed to fulfill this idea and offer products online.

Now loyal customers and new ones can order and choose from four plant-based ready-to-blend smoothie packs as well as the protein blends and adaptogen boosters on LifeBar’s website. “Instead of having to house all of the superfoods in your own home, they are in one pack,” Jamie said. “All you need to do is add water.” LifeBar delivers to Louisville residents five days a week. They also recently launched their protein blends of ChocoMaca and BanillaMaca on Amazon. 

Chase and Jamie are still striving to uphold the idea of food being our medicine by including clean and local ingredients such as hemp, a beneficial superfood, to provide healthy options. LifeBar “simply wants to make healthy food taste good.” Their goal is to put clean and yummy superfoods on the map.