Louisville Welcomes Nameless Catering Company

Nameless Catering Co. opened its second location in the city of Louisville in hopes of being one of the top Louisville catering companies


By Rachel Porter
Photos provided by Nameless Catering Co.


If there is one thing about Louisville that never changes, it is that we like to be well-fed. It’s a city that upholds high standards for the food we love to enjoy and share with the community. One of Louisville’s newest and freshest catering businesses, Nameless Catering Co., knew they wanted to join along. VOICE Louisville spoke with Nicci Scaffidi, senior wedding director, to hear what Nameless Catering will bring to the Louisville catering scene. 

Tell me a bit about yourself and what you do for Nameless Catering Co.  

I joined Nameless Catering as a Senior Wedding Director and I oversee the coordination of our team up to the big day for over 300 couples a year.

How did Nameless Catering Co. begin?

Founder and CEO Jeremy Brown saw a need in the market for affordable catering that would work for events of all sizes. 

How long has it been open?

Nameless Catering Co. launched in January of 2014. We have been open for eight years.

What type of events do you all cater to? 

We love to cater to all types of events: corporate, private and weddings.

How does Nameless Catering Co. stand out compared to others? 

Nameless Catering is unique because we are upfront and transparent with our pricing. 

When and how did you all decide to expand to Louisville? 

During the pandemic, we saw an opportunity to grow as catering needs changed.

What has Louisville been like so far for Nameless Catering Co.?

Louisville is an excellent market with many event vendors to network with. Everyone has been so welcoming! We have made some great connections and are excited to see our business grow here. 

Nameless Catering provides multiple options such as a baked potato bar, signature pasta, chili bar, etc. There’s something for everyone to try and enjoy!

Nameless Catering Co.
1812 W Muhammad Ali Blvd.
Louisville, KY 40203