MemSahib Available at Peacock Boutique

What’s the appeal of wearing a fascinator to the Kentucky Derby?

“Done well and worn well, the fascinator can flatter a face in ways that large-brimmed hats cannot,” said MemSahib millner Tina Miaoulis. “The fascinator, traditionally a small whimsy of veiling and feathers, has … evolved to become a statement piece, giving women the opportunity to truly express their own individual style
and personality.”

The head-topper allows women to tolerate what can be a very long and often hot day at the track in comfort and without the unwelcome line across the forehead, created by the stress and weight of cumbersome broad brims, added Miaoulis. “It’s lightweight appeal enables ladies to continue Derby festivities well into the cocktail and dinner hours, in a style and comfort that cannot be facilitated by a large hat.”

In response to the success of the fascinator at the Kentucky Derby, she continued, the broad brim has responded by becoming more a large dish, now worn to the side of the head or tilted towards the front, taking on the newly coined expression “the hattinator” or in simple terms, a hat on a headband that flatters the face in the same way a fascinator does.

“Adding to this mix, we are now seeing the return of the classic pill box in all its incarnations, as the demure aesthetic of the 1950s continues to inspire and influence fashion trends at the track.”

The pill box first made its appearance at the Kentucky Derby in 2010, when Lisa Borel was photographed in the Winner’s Circle wearing a MemSahib tricorn pillbox with vintage Parisienne veiling; something else we are seeing more of.

“This season at (Churchill) Downs, we will see a lot more fascinators and pill boxes,” Miaoulis predicted. “Hattinators will make a splash and trend spotters will be treated to the visual drama of highly sculptural and glossy headpieces, now made possible with the availability of new materials. … For many women around the world, a day at the races is their only opportunity to truly express their own unique style. This is the sport of kings and every woman heading to the track should feel no less than a princess. MemSahib gives women permission to look like one.”

MemSahib is available at Peacock Boutique, 2828 Frankfort Ave. For more information, call 502.897.1158 or go to