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The calls no longer surprise Rebecca Eaves, but they break her heart every time.

The most recent one came on July 2, when Louisville Metro Animal Services reported they’d discovered a brown and red male pit bull chained to a fence with duct tape around his muzzle and neck in the 2600 block of W. Kentucky St.

As always, Eaves said, yes, she and The Arrow Fund, which she founded to target animal cruelty, would take on the horrific case of abuse and neglect. First order of business: Find a veterinarian willing to take on the immense medical care of the young dog, who had multiple, severe injuries that included countless bites, a detached muzzle and a leg that needed to be amputated.

At first, Frodo – as he has been named – was treated at BluePearl Veterinary Partners, which has taken on many cases from The Arrow Fund, as has Dr. Missy Jewell of All Pets Veterinary Center, where he resides now.

Currently, Frodo is under Jewell’s care and has delighted the staff with his friendly, kind demeanor and desire to be petted and loved. “For a dog to have endured what Frodo did, it’s just hard to believe he still wants to be around humans, but he does. That’s their (dogs’) spirit. That’s what’s so often in their hearts: this unconditional love,” Eaves said.

The Humane Society of the United States is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible. Eaves is grateful for the monetary incentive for the public to step up because she fears what Frodo suffered is indicative of a much bigger problem. “I’m not afraid to go on record and say I believe we have a dog-fighting problem in this community – and a serious one,” she said. “The evidence is clear: Frodo was used as a bait dog. He was rescued, but think about the ones who have not (been).”

Anyone can help, said Eaves, in ways large and small.

If you live near an abandoned building or home, keep an eye out for spurts of activity that could indicate infrequent dog-fighting activity.

If you see an animal who needs rescuing, make the call.

If you’re interested in fostering or adopting one of the many animals The Arrow Fund has rescued, go to

If you’re interested in donating or want more information about The Arrow Fund, go to, send regular mail to The Arrow Fund, P.O. Box 1127, Prospect, Ky. 40059 or click LIKE

If you have any information that could lead to the conviction of the person or people responsible for the treatment Frodo endured, please call Louisville Metro Animal Services at 502.363.6609. To donate to The Arrow Fund.

Contact writer Angie Fenton at

Make Your Mark: Support The Arrow Fund

On Saturday, July 20, from 2 p.m. until close, The Back Door Bar & Grill, 1250 Bardstown Road (on the side of Mid-City Mall in the Highlands), will donate 100 percent of all food sales and match up to $2,000 in total profits to help The Arrow Fund in its mission to provide care for pets that have been tortured, abused, and neglected.

“I hope we have a great turnout and a successful fundraiser for The Arrow Fund and all the dogs and cats who have been saved as a direct result of the work they do,” said John Dant, owner of The Back Door. “I have a soft spot for animals and have always liked to give back to the nonprofits in town that make such a difference right here in our own community.”

The Back Door is open 2 p.m. to 4 a.m. Saturday.

Photos and video by CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune

2 Responses to “Finding Frodo”

  1. Clara Matthews

    Very touching video !!
    My mind is blown away by the cruel and evil way that some people mistreat and torture animals !!!
    But I’m happy knowing that there are many more caring people and groups like The Arrow Fund whose main purpose is to save helpless animals from what they’ve endured !!!
    Thank God For All Those People and The Arrow Fund !!!

  2. Karin Grizard

    Great article. Arrrow Fund — you are soldiers in this fight to help and save poor animals who never deserve to be treated this way.