Bring On The Bacon!

The Voice-Tribune’s Chris Humphreys enjoying a Maple Bacon donut at the 2012 Bacon Ball.

The Voice-Tribune’s Chris Humphreys enjoying a Maple Bacon donut at the 2012 Bacon Ball.

It’s no secret that many of us go hog-wild over bacon. The processed meat is so popular, whole festivals paying homage to the fatty goodness continue to pop up around the world.

This weekend’s third annual Bacon Ball is expected to be so well attended, organizers moved it from the Water Tower on River Road to Oxmoor Farm to make room for the expected crowd.

The Voice-Tribune’s Chief Photographer Chris Humphreys is probably one of bacon’s biggest fans, so we thought it only fitting to ask him to help us figure out our obsession with the tasty pieces of pork.

What is it about bacon?
It goes with everything. It’s both a meat and a condiment.

What is your fondest memory involving bacon?
Probably the first time I had the bacon ice cream from Comfy Cow served at the Blind Pig. I didn’t know bacon could be a dessert.

What should bacon never been combined with?

You’re shooting bacon-inspired dishes for The Voice-Tribune at this weekend’s Bacon Ball. What will you look for in the dishes?
Originality, first and foremost. Each year, it’s a lot of the same thing, so something that stands out from the crowd. And also since I’m shooting it, I’m looking for something that is aesthetically pleasing but also tastes good.

Who serves the best BLT in town?
Hammerheads pork belly, lettuce and tomato sandwich.

A few days ago, a 105-year-old Texas woman told Time magazine the secret to her lengthy life is her penchant for eating bacon every day. Could you? Would you?
I’d be afraid to find out, but I would like to.

3rd Annual Bacon Ball

Presented by the Louisville Visual Art Association
7-11 p.m. Saturday, May 18
Oxmoor Farm, 720 Oxmoor Avenue, Louisville

The third annual Bacon Ball features local restaurants serving up their best bacon-inspired dishes. Vote for your favorite and see who will win the People’s Choice Bacon Kind award! The Critics Choice Award is being introduced this year with Celebrity Judge Adam Sachs, Bon Appetit Contributing Editor. Music by Johnny Berry & the Outliers and DJ Sam Sneed, silent auction, and more. Proceeds from Bacon Ball benefit LVAA’s Children’s Fine Art Classes (CFAC) program, and OPEN DOORS community art outreach program.

Tickets: $30 members/$40 non-members or save $10 when you buy a pair.

502.584.8166 xt. 100 or