Letter from the Publisher

“Art is not always about pretty things. It’s about who we are, what happened to us and how our lives are affected.”

— Smithsonian American Art Museum Director, Elizabeth Broun

As we continue to move through the aftershock of the pandemic, there has been a coming together that resonates within our sense of hope that together we will get through this. Meaning, we have a new appreciation for our co-workers, neighbors — some we have never met or stopped to say hello to until now because of current day events — and family. Yes, there are leaders who guide us, however, the ultimate result is equated to the strength of teamwork. I am proud and honored to work with our team that produces a publication of value and integrity month after month, interlocking ideas and discussing content that will engage you and somehow make a difference in our community and therefore our lives. 

Meet our new Editor in Chief, Liz Bingham. She has the grace and style of an elegant gazelle moving through treacherous terrain with ease. Being introduced as our Editor in Chief during a pandemic? As she said, “Why not?” Talk about courage. No stranger to the publishing business, Liz has been an integral part of the team for a number of years. Keep an eye on the magic happening within the pages of each issue and you will begin to notice the talent she possesses.

Behind the scenes our Art Director, Britany Baker, maintains a cohesive approach with each project that she manages. She reminds me of that person you see that can balance on one foot on a chair perched on one leg and all the while about 20 plates are spinning on batons above her. Of course, each spinning plate represents the many facets of her creative brain that has the ability to bring it all together as we approach that constant deadline to approve one fabulous issue after another. At Art Sanctuary, she also manages the art studios of over 30 artists. Their mission is to support artists by providing a platform to make and showcase art. If you would like to learn more, visit their website at art-sanctuary.org.

Our publication is stronger than ever thanks to the incredible talent of our staff photographers, Andrea Hutchinson and Kathryn Harrington. I’ve been on many photo shoots with both of them and always walk away from each shoot with great pride. Time after time, the imagery they create speaks volumes about their incredible talent and ability to capture exactly what is needed for each project. Take a look at the black and white photographs of Churchill Downs on what should’ve been Derby Day. An eerie silence is felt through the lens and what Andrea was able to show us that creates many emotions all at once. Our homes feature, photographed by Kathryn, is a beautiful composition of images that reveals a bucolic landscape focusing on outdoor living. 

Art is about what has happened to us and how it has affected our lives. We have all been affected by the pandemic and the art emerging as a result is beautiful. Let us hear from you, and as a reminder, it is your voice that matters!

Yours truly,
Janice Carter Levitch,